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Icicles vs. Baubles: The Best Ornaments for Your Type of Christmas Tree

Although icicles and baubles can be combined when decorating a Christmas tree, each ornament is appropriate for certain types of trees for various reasons. Find the best ornaments for each tree type below!

Baubles come in many different sizes and can have varied effects, depending on how you use them and take advantage of multiple values of a hue. There are also elongated baubles; they adorn your tree much in the same way an icicle ornament does.


Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Sparkly crystal icicles make wonderful ornaments for pre-lit Christmas trees. Acting as prism, the crystal ornaments refract the glow coming from the Christmas lights, creating a gorgeous array of colors. They can be used in a monochromatic way with silver or white ornaments, or both. Likewise, they look elegant with ornaments of varied colors. In either case, they add depth, richness, as well as stunning glimmer.

Tabletop Tree

In tabletop trees, icicles make for an eye-catching detail. Likewise, they create dimension that lengthens the appearance of a small tree.

The symmetry of the décor and elegance of the ornaments are inspiring. There is right proportion in every way – from the tree to the varied lengths of the icicles and conical ornaments. Notice that different colors were used, yet the tree still looks timeless.


Neutral Tree

christmas tree with woodland decorations

Balsam Hill’s Vermont White Spruce with Woodland Ornaments

Large gold metallic baubles bring the sparkle of the season on a tree adorned with natural elements. Their elegant sheen and spherical shape brighten the tree in a simple way while providing a nice contrast to the different textures of the pine cones, feathers, poinsettias, and snowflakes. And because they are the only ones that reflect the lighting, they serve as a focal point to rest your eyes before continuing to peruse the other interesting ornaments.

Slim Tree

Clear and frosted glass baubles add visual interest to a skinny tree without being overpowering. The glass balls in this tree feature different textures that create volume and depth, but still keep the décor sleek and minimalist. The baubles actually widen and give a sense of breadth, so that even in the narrowness of the tree, it has all the aura of celebration as a larger tree.

Full Tree

Decorate with levels of color to bring a new look and add charm and visual interest to a full tree. Here, rich baubles add drama to the already magnificent foliage. Different sizes of Christmas balls in a burgundy and gold motif balance each other while uniting with the theme of the gift wrap. The varying sizes of the baubles create depth and dimension, inviting you to discover all that is on the décor

Ornament Tree

gold ornament tree

Gold Shimmer Ornament Tree from Balsam Hill

Color-coordinated baubles improve the structure and enhance the aesthetic appeal of an ornament tree. Dressed with the right ornaments, an ornament tree looks lovely in just about any small spot of the house. Atypical in essence, these can be left up year-round, and changed for different seasons. The classic colors of the stockings in this non-conventional tree bring Christmas season to the forefront.

Icicles and baubles add a sprinkle of style and sparkle to your Christmas celebrations. May this post serve as your inspiration in decorating your Christmas tree with the best ornaments this holiday season.

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