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Amazing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, show your holiday spirit by decking not only the halls inside, but also outside your home. Create a welcoming atmosphere outdoors with festive ornaments and various holiday foliage. Here’s a selection of houses with beautiful outdoor decorations to inspire you in creating an inviting ambiance for your guests.

Antiques and greenery add personality to this rustic white porch (Photo courtesy of The Wicker House)

Antiques and greenery add personality to this rustic white porch

Holiday Planters

Our Evergreen Magnolia Wreath and Wintry Woodlands Foliage add rustic tones to this entryway

Bring the garden to your patio with stylish holiday planters. Here, a pair of Wintry Woodlands Foliage added lush accents to an otherwise bare entryway.

Eyebrow Garlands

Christmas embellishments at the doorway along with an eyebrow garland offer a gracious holiday welcome to any visiting loved one. To recreate this look, frame your front door with a Poinsettia Wreath and Garland, and match it with potted foliage.

Christmas Wreaths on your Façade or Windows

A clean, classic look for entertaining

Aside from the door, you can also adorn other parts of your façade with gorgeous wreaths. Put up evergreen wreaths on your windows decorated with classic trimmings, such as a big fancy red ribbon, or red berries and pine cones. In this photo, a pair of Boxwood Square Wreaths embellished with Christmas lights provide more festive focal point at night.

Wreaths, Garlands & Topiaries

Her classic neutral porch embellished with gold and silver ornaments and lit by Christmas foliage (Photo courtesy of Randi Garett Design)

Mix Christmas wreaths and garlands with topiaries to create a holiday look brimming with festive elegance. Here, wreaths were used to evoke a grand, inviting ambiance. Conical topiaries that stand on both sides of the door provide elegant symmetry while enlivening the space. A beautiful wreath embellished with gold and silver ornaments provide a focal point for the entire display.

Trees, Baubles & Lanterns

Courtney's flocked entryway

Make your home more inviting by embracing a cozy winter wonderland theme. Line up a snowy pathway with a Flocked Outdoor Potted Foliage and add crossbar lanterns for elegant warmth. Adorn the front porch with details like pinecones and packages, as pictured above.

The holiday season is all about fun-filled gatherings and celebrations. Make a nice first impression with chic, festive entryway décor that will last all season long.

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