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4 Sunporch Styles for Your Home

An area in your home that allows a large amount of sunlight or natural light indoors is called a sunporch. Wide panel or bay windows, glass roofs or transparent fiberglass ceilings result to a brightly lit space that you can repurpose in a number of ways across the seasons. Here are four of our favorite design ideas for a year-round sunporch.

A Warm Family Room

Whites and colorful artificial poppy flowers enhance the sunlight coming into this family room

When it comes to smart home concepts, a well-designed sunporch can double as another stylish family room. It has the same comfortable seats, throws, and rugs, but doesn’t sacrifice the elegance seen in other areas of the home. And because sunporches are typically enclosed by screened or glass windows, they offer a breathtaking view of the outdoors no matter the time of year.

For a shabby chic look, consider using different textures in neutral tones, such as the ones used for these elegant seats and rug. Neutral tones absorb sunlight better than brighter shades.

An Elegant Dining Area

A year-round sunporch can also be turned into an elegant dining room. By installing transom windows or French doors, you can regulate the temperature in the room. Open them during humid days and close them during wintry evenings. Keeping the doors open also allows you to incorporate the beauty of the surrounding garden. This creates a relaxing ambiance perfect for a lovely dining experience.

French Windows surrounded this dining table

A Vibrant Home Office

These topiaries would suit a brightly lit home office

For people who prefer to work at home, you can transform your season room into an inspiring home office. Start your day right by welcoming the morning sunlight and the refreshing air through your sunporch windows. Aside from keeping your mind active, it also helps you focus on the task at hand. Remember to keep the furnishings minimal to avoid getting distracted while working.

A Lovely Garden

Create an ideal sunporch by fusing elements from the indoor and outdoor settings of your home. Place a few potted plants, such as pot mums, weeping figs, and bamboo palms, to help prevent your season room from getting overheated in the summer. It is also a great way to naturally purify the air and promote clean oxygen. Plants add a soothing and lush accent indoors.

Decorate your sunporch to go along with the changing of the seasons. With elegant furnishings and accent pieces, it can offer you a tranquil space all throughout the year.

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