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My Balsam Hill Home: Candles as Decor

Long before candles became a stylish source of ambient light at home, they were first seen for their functionality. But while they provide incandescence, today’s intricately designed pieces also work well as ornaments that add a touch of romance to any space. Here are some unique and novel candle ideas that will delightfully elevate the style of your home, and set the right mood for any occasion:

Make a Statement of Warmth

Make your guests feel right at home by placing candles in your foyer. Installing sconces that make use of candles instead of bulbs infuses your entryway with an old world appeal that is sophisticated and soothing to the eyes.

Sleek decorative candle holders on flat and minimalist walls can also deliver modern drama to your indoor space. This is perfect for someone who wants a contemporary visage in their home while maintaining an atmosphere of warmth.


Create a Lovely Dining Experience

Using wine glasses, flutes, or any other glass container to house a trio of candles can give your space that festive yet relaxed ambiance. One particularly stylish piece is our simple metal and glass candle holder that matches any tablescape.


You can also use a clear ribbed jar as a candle holder. Pairing these with fresh white flowers imparts a lively mood during lunches with family and friends.


For meals with your special someone, you can also opt for candlesticks. This timeless addition evokes a rustic ambiance with the look of candlesticks with dripping wax. Make sure not to use scented candles during mealtime, though. This may overpower the mouthwatering aroma of your food and ruin your appetite.


Cozy Up and Relax

The light of a candle can also be a lovely companion when you relax during quiet weekends. Steel canisters with ornate detailing provide soft accent light in your living room and reading room. Place these canisters on your coffee table or mantelpiece and unwind as the gorgeous radiance fills your home.


If you’re interested in adding color to your rooms, you can also opt for hued mason jars. This is also a marvelous idea to fill your home with the vibrant shades of the season.


For a more sensual flair, use scented candles that exude a pleasant aroma and put you in a state of relaxation. Pick a floral scent like ylang ylang to bring in the lush scent of summer. If you’re looking for tranquility, try green tea candles as their aroma eases tension.


Light up Your Outdoor Paths

Candles also work well in your patio or gazebo. Hanging one in every corner infuses your space with charm, while highlighting the rustic quality of your outdoors. Antique candle holders for an evening party in the garden can also be a nice decorative piece.


Bask in the lively and timeless radiance of these stylish candles for your Balsam Hill home. Whether modern or rustic, these luminous accents complete the look of elegance in your dwelling.


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