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Gorgeous Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces can spell the difference between a sophisticated holiday design and one that is uninspiring. Capturing the attention of guests as they enter the room, choosing a showpiece that sparks conversation is essential in holiday decorating. With a majestic tree as focal point of your living room or entryway, here are some stunning Christmas centerpiece ideas for your home:

Table Magic

Weave magic on your table as you wine and dine your guests with simple yet alluring table centerpieces. Play around with these inspirations for a warm yet elegant holiday table:

  • Glowing Illumination: Candles make a beautiful centerpiece with their enchanting illumination. Give votive candles a fresh appeal by securing the candle at the center of a glass bowl, filling the bowl with ornaments, and placing it on a pedestal plate. Another alternative is to decorate a grapevine wreath with a mix of poinsettias and pinecones, then place a single candle at the center. For a more modern look, use a wreath of red and gold Christmas balls.
  • Sparkly Wonders: Glass cloches are perfect for displaying ornaments on a table in a neat, elegant manner. Fill a glass cloche with a mix of Christmas ornaments (choose a color theme based on your overall home décor), cover with a ceramic plate, and place at the center of the table. In lieu of a cloche, you can also use slender, tall glasses or vases and fill with an array of ornaments.
  • Rustic Charm: Transform an oval wooden basket with handle into a classic centerpiece by filling it with sprigs of greenery, pinecones, and holiday berries. You can also make a vibrant display of flowers in a low vase more alluring by surrounding the vase with faux or fresh red holiday berries. For a more varied look, glue berries and greenery to the vase in a striped pattern. Add cinnamon sticks to the array to make it scented centerpiece fit for the holidays. For a rustic-themed display, turn to decorative candles and holders, which bring an air of enchantment to any table.
  • Playful Treats: Nothing urges cheery thoughts like sweet treats that remind us of childhood joy. Fill several glass jars of varying heights with a variety of holiday treats, from peppermint sticks to striped lollipops, for an enticing display. A layered glass tray also achieves the same purpose.

Whimsical Ornament Trees

Ornament trees are striking additions to holiday décor. A simple yet stylish way to display your treasured ornaments, an ornament tree instantly brings the holiday spirit into your home. Decorate these mini-trees with snowflake ornaments or silver Christmas message ornaments to spread the Christmas spirit in your home.

Fireplace Warmers

A traditional place for family gatherings, the fireplace is a must when it comes to holiday decorating. Classic stockings convey exceptional warmth to the room, a reminder of Santa Claus. Hang stockings from stocking holders to highlight the message of the season. The gleaming silver finish and star accents lend a timeless appeal to holiday festivities.

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