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5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Big Spaces

Having a big space to decorate has its advantages, but it could also be challenging. When dealing with huge areas, you need to have an organized decoration so that the spectator’s eye falls on the right spots. Here are some tips on decorating big spaces for the holidays.

Emily's Christmas Cottage Porch with Balsam Hill foliage and décor

Emily of The Wicker House decorates her front porch with Balsam Hill frosted foliage and NOEL Décor sign

The Yard

Your yard is one of those big spaces that you can decorate. Not only do outdoor Christmas decorations give a good impression, they also highlight your lawns, gardens, and overall facade.

Hang some brightly colored garlands and wreaths on your deck for a festive atmosphere. Decorate trees with colored Christmas lights and ornaments. If you have a swimming pool with lights and fountains, that would be a great start. As the focal point for your alfresco décor, your swimming pool looks even more festive with some Christmas-themed floating pool ornaments. Add some pool toys and inflatables in the shape of Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas trees, or other holiday icons.

Large Halls

Try creating a snow effect by draping white sheets from ceiling to floor and lighting them from behind. Decorate with snowflake cutouts in various sizes by pinning them onto the sheets or hanging them from the ceiling at different lengths. Aside from snowflakes, you may also suspend glass sculptures. When light shines off of them, they produce an elegant effect.

Grand Staircase

Is your staircase long and winding? Does it look elegant and formal? Is it graceful and whimsical? Consider these things first before deciding how to decorate your grand staircase. Highlight its traditional style with evergreens, garlands, gold bells, and big red bows. Hang some stockings and embellish the rails with loops of evergreen roping. Make sure not to put everything all together because too much décor gives a cluttered look. Make sure to have a theme you can stick to. Your stairway is a picture perfect background for your kids when they come down on Christmas morning to check out their gifts under the Christmas tree so make it look its best.

More tips

  • In decorating large spaces, you may get lost with an overabundance of ideas to work on each area. So it’s better to stick to a color scheme and a theme to make it easier to shop for holiday accents.
  • Christmas trees can serve as the heart of your holiday decorations. Build up your holiday style from the design of your Christmas tree to harmonize your décor.
California Baby Redwood

Our California Baby Redwood is ideal for large hallways and huge spaces

The more your ornaments go well together, the more elegant your home looks. Happy decorating!

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