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Balsam Hill’s Guide to Post-Christmas Shopping

Christmas may be over but the rush to the malls is not. Shopping hours are usually extended after the 25th, and huge sale signs are displayed on most shop windows. Shoppers make a mad dash to the department stores to take advantage of more shopping time and fantastic deals.

After Christmas, shopping opportunities abound; the above décor items were recently offered in a Balsam Hill clearance sale

After Christmas, shopping opportunities abound; the above décor items were recently offered in a Balsam Hill clearance sale

Here’s a guide to help you make the most of one of the biggest shopping days of the year:

Do your research

Check the newspaper or browse the internet for store hours and post-Christmas sales and deals. Knowing what to expect allows you to maximize your time and energy before hitting the malls.

Make a list

Jot down the things that you have to buy in preparation for the coming year. Get birthday presents ready for loved ones, and don’t forget to buy one for yourself. Take advantage of mark downs on Christmas decor, and include ornaments and trinkets for St. Patrick’s, Valentine’s and even the 4th of July. Stock up on necessary items as well, such as first aid kits, gizmos for the toolbox, and emergency gear.

Get a head start

Avoid the crowds and long lines at the counter by going to the store as early as possible. This allows you the advantage of first pickings on the arrays of merchandise.

No returns or exchanges today

The lovely pink dress your little daughter received from her aunt thankfully comes with a gift receipt, but unfortunately, it’s too small. Now is not a good time to exchange it for a bigger size. Unless you’re willing to endure the long lines to the exchange counter, it’s best to skip the swap for later.

Know when to say no

Some deals are not real deals at all. Despite the huge signs that scream discounts, one has to be discerning in identifying stocks that probably have little or no mark downs. Purchasing these items are better done on regular shopping days, when there are fewer people around and you can freely scrutinize each fine detail.

Despite the presence of huge crowds, shopping after the holidays is an exciting post-Christmas activity that everyone looks forward to. Remember to plan ahead to ensure a happy and fulfilling experience.

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