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How to Choose a Color Theme for the Holidays

The family makes sure that the home is at its best during the holidays by adorning every room with beautiful Christmas trimmings. Classic choices include the traditional red and green, but a color-specific theme makes the décor more interesting and unique at this time of the year.

This design plan allows the rooms to be decorated in an intriguing splash of color and makes Christmas even merrier. Here are some tips for choosing a holiday color theme for your home:

  • Start with a focal piece, such as a full Christmas tree, or a Nativity scene, and then choose a color to accentuate it. Gold is a glamorous and lavish shade that perfectly highlights the beauty of any décor. Adorn the tree with golden balls, flowers, and ribbons. Pillows, tabletop runners, and wreaths with a touch of this hue are great accent pieces that enhance the holiday look.
  • Try decorating with non-traditional tints. Lilac, for example, is an exquisite color and becomes even more elegant when paired with white or silver. Brown is unusual but classy, and gives a sense of earthy ambiance while making a room look stylish and sophisticated.
  • Play with different textures for a vivid and dramatic look. Use rustic rugs and silky throw pillows, and position them strategically on couches and sofas. Dry twigs and branches draped with lights, tabletop Christmas trees, mistletoes, are also interesting decorations that can be strewn all over your house.
  • It’s not necessary to stick to one hue. Feel free to mix and match, but be careful not to overdo it. A touch of pale pink adds a feminine touch on an all-silver theme. Combine orange, brown, and green for a retro Christmas vibe.

Anything on the color palette is a potential holiday hue. Decorate your home with a unique color theme and do away with the old choices to create an interesting and unforgettable Christmas. Happy decorating!

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