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Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Large Spaces

Nothing else evokes wonder during the merry month of December than a majestic Christmas tree in a large living room or office. An enormous tree fully adorned with trimmings is the perfect holiday décor for huge spaces as it creates an atmosphere of opulent festivity during the season.

Here are some of Balsam Hill’s biggest and most lush Christmas trees that you can display in living rooms, foyers, lobbies, and great halls:

Aspen estate fir
The Aspen Estate Fir from the Aspen Christmas Signature Collection is the crown of Balsam Hill. Inspired by the trees in the breathtaking town of Aspen, it stands tall at 12 feet with a full width of 75 inches. Its forest green needles are dense, lavish, and astonishingly realistic. It has alternating soft needles, brown stems, and a faux wooden trunk that serves as the stand. Each branch is handcrafted to mirror the trees’ natural shape and hold heavy ornaments. This tree comes with clear or multi-colored Christmas lights that are guaranteed to mesmerize you and your guests.

Vermont White Spruce
The preferred tree in the East Coast is the Vermont White Spruce™ from the Vermont Signature™ Collection. It has soft True Needle™ foliage, and long and full branches with brown stems, presenting a look that is amazingly lifelike. Towering at 15 feet and with a full body of 102 inches, it can hold ornaments and decorations of various shapes and sizes.  The 15-foot Vermont White Spruce is available as unlit or pre-lit with clear lights.

California Baby RedwoodThe California Baby Redwood from the Napa Christmas™ Signature Collection has a sophisticated silhouette because of its tiered branch arrangement. It has deep green foliage—a combination of pine and spruce tips. With a height of 18 feet and a width of 104 inches, it’s a fitting tribute to the tallest tree in the world—the California Redwood. Pre-lit with clear lights, this Christmas tree is an awe-inspiring piece that will surely make your living room enchanting.

These realistic reproductions bring honor to genuine trees that add to the magical experience of Christmas.  Ensure a luxurious holiday celebration with these splendid Balsam Hill creations.

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