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Bring Bells into Holiday Décor

Christmas bells are beautiful accents that can be a feast for the eyes and ears. Check out these easy-to-do ideas that will surely inspire you in bringing that perfect cheer to your Christmas décor:

Balsam Hill's Red Felt Bell Ribbon

Balsam Hill’s Red Felt Bell Ribbon

  • Use varying sizes

For an elegant touch, adorn your Christmas tree with bells in different sizes. If you’re going for a winter wonderland theme, silver bells are the perfect accents. Red ones are ideal for a traditional theme while glittery fuchsia or sparkly lavender look adorable in a contemporary set-up.

  • Be creative and do it yourself

Purchase several packs of colored bells from any craft store to make a wreath ornament for your front door. If you’re the creative type, this is perfect as it lets you unleash your artistic side. To enhance your work, make a big bow (preferably in a complementing color) and attach it to the top or bottom part. As an alternative, you may also create a bell out of Styrofoam and dust it with red glitters. Finish it up by tying a silver or green ribbon around its body and adding natural materials such as twigs, holly leaves, and berries.

  • Save memories

Decorate one side of your living room, an accent wall, or the fireplace mantel with bell-shaped photo frames. Choose some of your unforgettable Christmas photos and hang them in the area of your choice.

  • Don’t be afraid of color

Attach colorful Christmas bells to your garlands and drape them around the stair or porch railings for that extra festive look.

  • Bunch them together

Instead of the usual tubular wind chimes, string three to four bells in varied sizes and hang them by your porch or the front door. The clanging will surely add to the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

As you can see, Christmas bells are easy to incorporate to any holiday décor, all you need is a little imagination! Happy decorating!

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