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3 Thanksgiving Centerpieces that Leave Room on the Table for a Thanksgiving Feast

This Thanksgiving, I recommend incorporating some festive centerpieces to add warmth and color to your dining table. Since you’ll still need space for your delicious feast, I’ve picked out 3 table centerpieces that are just the right size (otherwise there won’t be enough room for the turkey!).

Romantic Tablescape by Courtney

Thanksgiving Tablescape Courtesy of Courtney of French Country Cottage

Gold pillar candles decorated with sugared orange slices or green vegetables

For a lovely combination of form and function, use pillar candles as table centerpieces. In line with the Thanksgiving theme, choose gold pillar candles and jazz them up with a few slices of sugared oranges. An alternative decorative accent would be green vegetables, like artichoke hearts or asparagus stalks.

Clear glass containers filled with votive candles and orange Fall flowers

Add a touch of whimsy by filling clear glass containers with water and placing pretty votive candles and orange Fall flowers to float on top of it.

Butternut squash vases topped with red berries and sprigs

As a tribute to the harvest season, you can create an all-natural vase filled with Nature’s bounty! Select some butternut squash in different sizes and remove the flesh. Afterward, gather some red berries and sprigs from the yard and place them in your charming, homemade vases.

Somehow, seeing a beautifully laid table just makes dining much more pleasurable. To make this more fun, you can create these Thanksgiving centerpieces together as a family. Happy decorating!

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