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Where to Place a Wreath: Using Wreaths Indoors

Wreaths are traditionally hung on front doors to greet guests during the holidays. My fascination with these Christmas foliage has inspired me to think of ways to use them inside your home. Below are some interesting indoor wreath-decorating tips that I’ve gathered throughout the years to help you spruce up your living spaces better.


  1. Hang the wreath above a table in the entryway, above the fireplace mantle or over a decorative mirror.
  2. Flank an entryway with two wreaths.
  3. Give the fireplace a touch of elegance. In a dormant fireplace, you can place a large wreath on a stand or hang it from a mantle hook.
  4. Hang wreaths from doors in rooms that are not traditionally decorated (such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and utility rooms).
  5. Use simple wreaths as picture frames and place them in a row along a wall (as you would with pictures).
  6. Keep the powder room smelling fresh by hanging a small cedar wreath over the toilet.
  7. Turn the wreath into a chandelier by tying them together with 2-3 strips of ribbon, leaving 5-6 inches of ribbon lax.  Suspend it from the ceiling using the same ribbon and voila! Instant wintry glamour.
  8. Use the wreath as a centerpiece for the dining table. Our Norwegian Spruce wreath is featured above, nestled into it are the beautiful pine cones from our big pinecone kit.

Wreaths are incredibly diverse decorative pieces. You can use them on any occasion and place them anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors. Try experimenting with a few of these ideas and liven up your home in time for the holidays. Happy decorating!

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