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A Touch of Zen in Outdoor Spaces

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The midsummer blend of cool breeze and bright blue skies signals the advent of August – a time to open up your home and take in elements of nature just as they are at their brightest. With life taking on a calmer pace mid-season, August is the time for homeowners to imbue their dwelling spaces with tranquility. And this is best seen in Zen-inspired designs.

More than just a trend, Zen transforms homes into a soothing, meditative environment. Join Balsam Hill as we explore three principles that infuse your home with a touch of Zen.

Zen and the Principle of Harmony

Designers draw inspiration from Zen as it embodies harmony. From the moment you walk into a Zen-inspired space, you will find elements that are unique on their own but, when taken together, create a unified look. You can incorporate a garden that features rigid and angular rock patterns, hardwood furnishings, and bold stone sculptures, with plush outdoor furniture, then drape the space with pristine white fabric. The result is a stunning symphony of rigid and soft details that convey a subdued yet stylish space.

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