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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

My Balsam Hill Home: The ‘New’ in Neo-Victorian

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Traditional Exterior by Downers Grove Design-build Oakley Home Builders


When it comes to bringing old world charm into modern homes, the neo-Victorian design remains a popular choice. What defines this style? The inspiration comes from a diverse mix of Gothic and Baroque as well as Old English influences.

Historic Homes

Victorian homes showcase turrets and towers that hover proudly; jarring asymmetrical facades; and ornate shingles, eaves, porches, and balconies that speak of extravagance. Inside, old Victorian homes exude romance through lavish furnishings and accent pieces in drawing rooms and bedrooms.

Original layouts from this era were, however, convoluted. These had a labyrinth of hallways and small, cramped rooms, particularly bath spaces known at the time simply as “water closets”.

Today’s revival of this classic architecture has prompted designers and builders to create more spacious, more functional dwellings fit for the modern lifestyle. My very own city of San Francisco is well known for breathing life into this old world aesthetic during the 20th century.

How does one incorporate the neo-Victorian look into a Balsam Hill home? Here are five surprising ways to put the “new” in neo-Victorian.

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