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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Summer Style Guide: Stylish Swimming Pools

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Swimming pools were once created by the ancient Romans and Greeks primarily for their athletic and military training. Today, pools serve a more leisurely purpose: you can relax in this haven after a long day. But beyond such functions, they have also become an important design element and focal point in modern abodes. Make the most out of your pool with design ideas that range from the rustic to the futuristic.

Natural Wonders: River Pools and Boulders

Taking inspiration from the rugged outdoors, the river pool mimics the free form and flow of this body of water. The name suggests a naturally elongated design, but with a few architectural innovations, this type of pool can take on a slightly more modern approach.

Swimming Pools And Spas by Penryn Pools and Spas Jim Chandler Pools

The river pool from Jim Chandler Pools features a vanishing edge, also known as a negative or infinity edge, which, when surrounded by trees and greenery, heightens that feeling of oneness with nature. But the vanishing edge design also gives the pool that sleek glass-like visage. The pool’s surface mirrors the beauty of the skies, whether during a picturesque sunset or delightful sunrise.

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