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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

A Sunporch for All Seasons

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More than just an extension of your living room, the sunporch or season room is a versatile area that ties together the look you’ve chosen for your home for a particular season. Here are four of our favorite design ideas for a year-round sunporch.

1. The Sunporch as a Comfortable Family Room

When it comes to smart home concepts, a well-designed sunporch can double as another stylish family room. It has the same comfortable seats, throws, and rugs, but doesn’t sacrifice the elegance seen in other areas of the home. And because sunporches are typically enclosed by screened or glass windows, they offer a breathtaking view of the outdoors no matter the time of year.

For a shabby chic look, consider using different textures in neutral tones, such as the ones used for these elegant seats and rug. Neutral  tones absorb sunlight better than brighter shades.

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