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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

A Rundown on the Different Profiles of Artificial Christmas Trees

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The holidays are never complete without a Christmas tree. When designed with the perfect ornaments, your Christmas tree is sure to be an elegant centerpiece for your guests to admire. When shopping for a tree, make sure that you choose a tree that can last throughout the season and for years to come.

It’s quite confusing to pick just one tree from the different types of trees being sold on the market. For something traditional and elegant yet hassle-free, Balsam Hill’s stunningly realistic artificial Christmas trees cannot be beat. This post gives you the basics of the various kinds of artificial trees according to their profile.

Full Trees

Full-profiled trees guarantee sophistication with their wide breadth. Most of these trees are inspired by their real counterparts. For instance, the Blue Spruce Christmas Tree by Balsam Hill, just like the Colorado Blue Spruce native to said state, spans a 64-inch diameter for a tree that stands 9 feet tall. With this tree, you will never run out of branches to hang your Christmas ornaments.

Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree by Balsam Hill



Artificial Christmas trees with full profiles are given a lush appearance with their realistic foliage, making them perfect for opulent holiday parties.

Slim Trees

Slim or pencil trees are great ways to maximize the space in your home. Even with their narrow profiles, they transcend trends with their stunning, elegant appearance. Slim trees can also be purchased in pairs and placed by doorways as a way to welcome family and friends.

For the modern family who wants to take a step further in decorating their home for the holidays, slim trees are the ideal buy.

Flatback Trees

If slim trees still consume too much space for your liking, another good option is a flatback tree. A flatback artificial Christmas tree looks like a full Christmas tree, but is only half of its actual size. The flat side of the tree can be placed directly against the wall so that the lush foliage faces the room.

Flatback trees are perfect for young homeowners who want a full tree but do not want to sacrifice floor space.

Topiary Trees

Homeowners who love gardening will enjoy topiary Christmas trees. Placed in ornamental pots, these trees can be used all year long. Smaller topiary trees can even be placed on desks or tables for a more festive holiday celebration. Balsam Hill has several topiary trees cut in different designs to suit every taste.

Because everyone has different decorating wants and needs, knowing the different profiles of trees is particularly helpful. While the width of a tree may only be a number, it can be quite a dilemma to place a 60-inch wide tree in a room that only has a small area available. Hopefully with this guide, choosing the perfect tree for your home will be that much easier.


Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Decorating Your Slim Christmas Tree

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With the increased popularity of more modern interior design styles, many are turning to slim Christmas trees for their homes and apartments. Not only are these space-saving trees naturally elegant, they are also the perfect accessories for themed celebrations. Read on for a few tips on how to decorate the perfect slim Christmas tree.

Silverado Slim Spruce Courtesy of Al from Asheville, NC

Less Is More

The perfect Christmas tree should not be bursting with décor. Since slim Christmas trees already command attention due to their delicate profile, keep in mind that less is more. Smaller Christmas ornaments should go on top of the tree while bigger ones should stay at the bottom to create a sense of balance. Decorating the tree in a monochromatic color theme also works particularly well.

Neatly Wrapped Presents

Presents underneath your skinny tree are also good Christmas tree decorations.  Select wrapping paper in colors that are complementary to your ornaments. If you have ornaments in different shades of blue, you can wrap your gifts in orange paper; or if you want something more opulent, use silver or gold. If you have a white tree, presents in bright wrapping paper will enliven the room.

Personalized Christmas Décor

Christmas is a time for family, so have your kids help you set up the perfect Christmas tree. Google easy DIY ornaments and have fun making Christmas tree decorations. For a more family-focused celebration, hang small, framed pictures of your loved ones on your slim tree.

Because of their narrow profile, several slim trees can be placed in your home for a truly festive Christmas. Balsam Hill’s Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree, for instance, can be purchased in sets of three. You can place one in your home office, one in the living room, and one in the foyer – the trees may be slim, but they will fill your home with an abundance of Christmas spirit.