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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Thanksgiving Notes: Jack-O-Lanterns? Creative Ideas for Preventing Clashes in Seasonal Decorations

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Seasonal decorating is a fun, fresh way to keep your home up-to-date with the change in seasons. However, there are times when seasonal decorations clash with each other and it certainly isn’t pretty!

Neutral tones are the perfect foundation for seasonal decor

Avoid this decorating disaster with some of my tips:

  1. During the transition between seasons, keep the more elaborate holiday décor away from sight. Use this time to display your lovely heirloom pieces, like old china you’ve inherited from your grandparents.
  2. Use metallic and glass decorations. Add a touch of sophistication by incorporating metallic and glass decorations to your existing home décor. Since these can be used in all seasons, they’ll remain useful throughout the year.
  3. Hang reversible drapes! Use a neutral color on one side and colorful fabric on the other side. These stylish reversible drapes saves time and money!
  4. Use alternating pillow covers. Reserve some pillow covers for Autumn and some pillow covers for Winter. This way, you’ll have an easier time updating your decorations when different holidays come up.
  5. Keep the foundation of your home decor simple and timeless. For those who love to decorate early for every season, it’s wise to have a simple foundation (think neutral-tone walls and easy patterns) so that you can easily switch your decor from one holiday to the next… And allow your favorite seasonal pieces to shine!

Seasonal decorating is a good way to show off items that you wouldn’t normally have on display. Just remember, keep your home décor simple and minimal, so that they remain timeless throughout the seasons. Happy decorating!