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Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa
Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Design Ideas from Luxury Resorts and Spas

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For people who live a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, a stay at a world-class resort and spa is enough to rejuvenate the spirit. But aside from giving us inner peace, luxury destinations offer us something extra: the inspiration for creating a truly relaxing retreat. Here are design ideas for capturing in your own home the serene atmosphere of the best resorts and spas across the globe:

The Calming Colors of the Equinox Resort and Spa

Balsam Hill The Equinox

Colors play an important role in fashioning your home into a relaxing year-round sanctuary. A white backdrop not only allows you to use a variety of shades as accent colors, but it also provides a clean and uncluttered atmosphere. White walls help make rooms appear larger and more spacious, a design often seen in luxury hotels and resorts. Match these walls with calming earth tones, such as green and brown, to enhance the serene ambiance of your home.

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