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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Spring Style Guide: Plains and Prints

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Home redecorating is a great way to showcase your personality, but it becomes more difficult when you are uncertain about using a subtle design or something bolder. Playing with colors and patterns allows you to create a sense of balance and contrast in your space. But going for the yin & yang effect may seem like a daunting task. A room can end up looking bland, or it can go overboard. The Balsam Hill blog lets you in on a few ideas on how to redecorate your space with colors and patterns but without the fear of “underdecorating” or “overdecorating”.

Solid Colors

If you are leaning towards something simple but are trying to get out of your shell, try using plains first. It won’t do well if you just buy a fancy printed couch and decide later on that it’s too flashy for you. Start small, but don’t be afraid to go a bit bold as well. For a fresh start, have your walls painted white. Then add an eyeful of color by placing a vivid red rug on your plain floors. You can also have your kitchen cabinets painted blue or a sunny shade of yellow.

                                                                 Eclectic Dining Room by Atlanta Interior Designer Habachy Designs

If you think the rug and the repainted cabinets are a bit too much, opt for something simpler. A few jewel-toned pillows on your couch will do the trick.
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