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Christmas Décor Storing Options

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When the holiday season ends and the Christmas tree is taken down, many are usually left with a pile of decorations that require storage for the next few months. While it’s easy to just stuff them all in boxes and leave them in the garage or attic, doing so can cause tangles and breakages that will make decorating for the next holiday season a chore. Besides, some décor pieces are passed down to younger generations and it is your responsibility to keep them intact and beautiful for the years to come. Here are a few tips you can try when storing your holiday décor:

Storage Space & Containers

Assess the storage space you have and take note of the area where the decorations will be placed. Whether it be the garage, basement, or attic, it’s important to be familiar with the conditions of the area and if there may be chances of the boxes falling or getting wet. Use this information as a guide when selecting the type of containers you need. While boxes are convenient and readily available, well-made plastic containers with a good sealed cover protect your Christmas decorations from temperature changes throughout the year. Ensure you have prepared enough storage space since you don’t want to tightly pack ornaments and lights together. Balsam Hill has a wide variety of ornament and tree storage items that will make storing your Christmas decorations a breeze.

Grouping Items Together

Take a quick inventory of your décor items and group them according to their usage and where they are located in a room. For example, you may want to place tree ornaments together in a single box, while the wreaths and garlands that hang around the home can be placed in a separate one. This way, decorating for next year’s holiday season will be a cinch.

Photo from Phil Denton via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Wrapping & Labels

Since ornaments are generally more prone to breakage, take time to wrap them individually in newspapers. For more fragile items, use bubble wrap. You may want to wrap each tree ornament separately before packing them loosely together in a thick cover of bubble wrap. Label them accordingly so they will be easy to distinguish from one another.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

The Wait Is Over

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If you are just like us here at Balsam Hill, you’ll appreciate how delighted we are that the Christmas season is finally upon us. As purveyors of exquisite artificial trees and decorations, we’ve eagerly waited all year long for that nip in the air to arrive, inviting us to enjoy a cup of warm cider by the fireplace as we gather ‘round with our families to decorate our trees with beloved ornaments.

This season, allow us to help you create the perfect Christmas scene in your home. Enchant your guests with one of our top-selling artificial Christmas trees, like our Vermont White Spruce, and radiate the sparkle of the season in your holiday design. If you need some help choosing the right tree, take a look at our Christmas Tree Buyer’s Guide for some tips to help you figure out what type of tree is best for your home.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas season ahead!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Five Ways to Use a Pine Cone Tree in Your Home Décor

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Make your home more festive this holiday season with beautiful pine cone trees! I’ve come up with a few simple and creative ways for you to use them in your home décor.

Smoky Mountain Christmas™ Signature Collection

  1. Tabletop Pine Cone Forest: Bring the outdoors in with a tabletop pine cone forest (you’ll need around four large and three small pine cone trees for this project). Cover the pine cone trees in gold paint and glitter and place them in silver bowls. For a festive touch, place some silver ball ornaments around them and add a small tree topper like a gold star. I’m so sure this’ll be a big hit, especially during meal times!
  2. Mantelpiece Pine Cone Tree Displays: Turn your fireplace into a showstopper with some pine cone trees! Place two large pine cone trees on either side of the mantelpiece. Afterwards, hang an herb wreath above the fireplace and some pine cone garlands on the mantelpiece. Do all this and you’ll be all set for a cozy night around the fireplace.
  3. Ornamental Pine Cone Trees: Running out of ball ornaments for your artificial tree? Try turning small pine cone trees into ornaments. Paint them in traditional Fall colors like red and yellow and embellish them with some gold glitter and beads. Just use a hot glue gun to stick them with some ribbon and you’ll be hanging them in no time!
  4. Thanksgiving Pine Cone Tree Topiaries: If you’ve picked up any larger pine cones (like those from the Ponderosa pine tree), you can make some pine cone tree topiaries. Just place the pine cones in terra cotta pots and add some red berries as decorative accents. You’ll have some lovely pine cone tree topiaries, which you can put on display along the hallways or by the doors.
  5.  Halloween Pine Cone Candy Trees: Add a unique twist to your Halloween décor by covering pine cone trees with some yummy candy. Use hot glue, stick candy corn and black licorice all over the pine cone trees. Trust me, you’ll definitely be fighting with the kids over this project!

Charming and natural, these pine cone trees look good as table centerpieces or as mantelpiece displays (why not try doing both?). I hope my ideas make your home look just as gorgeous as our living room display above. Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

6 Ways to Use School Pictures in Your Holiday Decorations

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crafting kids image via totalclasscreativeblog.com

Keep the festive mood alive by incorporating your kids’ school pictures with your Christmas decor!  Make it a fun and memorable event by crafting the decorations together as a family. Below are some of my favorite kid-friendly handicrafts, which I hope you’ll enjoy making.

  1. Ornament Photo Stand: Turn your Christmas ball ornaments into photo stands. Select a few Christmas ornaments, preferably in the same color. To make the Christmas ornaments stand straight, fill them with small stones or pellets to weigh them down. Put the cap back on the ornament, and attach the pictures to the cap with strong adhesive glue. These nifty little stands are perfect for filling any empty space.
  2. Tree of Pictures: Glue a border onto the photo, so it looks like a frame (you can use ribbon, ric-rac in holiday colors, or Popsicle sticks decorated by the kids). Punch holes in the pictures and hang them on your bare-limbed tree with some pretty ribbon.
  3. Picture Frames: This is quick and easy – Purchase picture frames in holiday colors. You can place them throughout the home, like in your children’s bedrooms and play areas. A fun twist is to place a framed school picture above your child’s stocking; this way, when Santa arrives on Christmas Eve, he can put a face to the name!
  4. Photo Wreath: Turn your wreath into a photo display. Make copies of some of your favorite pictures and nestle them into a wreath. If you have more time, you can create a wreath from photographs only, and there are dozens of DIY options for this online.  Be sure to laminate these pictures if the wreath will be used outside of your house!
  5. Holiday Placemats: Make holiday meals more fun by turning your pictures into holiday placemats. You’ll need poster board and strong laminate which are easy to find in a craft store. There are endless options for this creative project: Glitter, pictures, stickers, the works! Paste items onto the board, laminate, and trim. Voila!  Christmas memories to eat off of.
  6. Hang Photos around the House: Print copies of your favorite pictures in black and white and laminate them (you can add borders, just like in Tree of Pictures, if you want to). Punch holes on top and use big, bold ribbons to hang them on your entry ways, hallways and bedrooms.

These handicrafts are fun to make and are a great way to display your kids’ favorite memories of school. Crafting these together as a family will allow you to create even better memories with your kids, something that is truly priceless.