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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Frame of Mind: Art that Inspires Positivity

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Surrounding yourself with beautiful art can create an impact on your everyday outlook. When crafted with sincerity and thoughtfulness, any artistic creation can speak to the heart, and convey a message of inspiration and encouragement. In this edition, the Balsam Hill blog features artworks that resonate a positive vibe in your home:

Rio Grande Spring, 2011

Rio Grande

Painted along the Rio Grande in New Mexico, this oil palette knife painting by Roger Alderman presents a one-of-a-kind texture that beautifully captures the dynamic spirit of the landscape. Exhibiting gorgeous hues, the work is an interesting creation that draws the eyes of your guests to the breathtaking visage of the river. The masterpiece inspires conversation and serves as a great accent to brighten up a modern living room.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

5 Tips for Finding Design Inspiration

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In our own homes, we surround ourselves with elements that warm our hearts and evoke our fondest memories. Almost instinctively, our eyes are drawn to décor whose color, shape, pattern, texture and luminosity create meaning for us and inspire admiration.

The challenge in home decorating is not simply to populate your space with an assortment of objects that only serve a function. It is also about combining elements that hold significance in your life. How do you find inspiration? Here are five simple tips.

5 Tips for Finding Design Inspiration
Lemon Tree Wood Painting from Balsam Hill

1. Build Ideas around a Classic Color Palette

The personality of your dwelling place radiates through its color fusions. To stimulate design ideas for home interiors, go beyond mundane paint selections that clutter your mind, and opt for classic earth tones that suggest a feeling of serenity. It is much easier to incorporate fascinating home décor when the color foundation of a room is subtle.

Even if you opt for walls with a muted palette, such as beige or grey, you can liven up the space with a striking yet sophisticated accent piece, such as Balsam Hill’s Lemon Tree Wood painting, with its ebony and golden hues signifying boldness and elegance.

2. Make It Personal

You can blend your own luxurious style with the design of each room by looking through your collection of wardrobe, accessories, and even mementos.

Little odds and ends, such as souvenirs, not only tell the story of your travels but are also charming additions to otherwise lifeless corners of the home.

Perhaps you were inspired by the fabric texture of a favorite coat and would love to replicate its rich feeling in your living space. You can accent your sofa with throw pillows that give you a hint of a similar fabric.

These traces of your personality enhance not only the aesthetics of the room but the sentimental value it holds.

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