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My Balsam Hill Home: That French Bistro Flair

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When it comes to arts and culture, the French have an insatiable appetite for design perfection as well as culinary creations. But while the Louvre and Le Meurice are still the most popular venues for these two masteries, the unassuming bistro is perhaps the one place where you can find a blend of both. It is where Parisian chic meets French bucolic charm.

Balsam Hill presents tips on how to infuse your dining space with the flair of the legendary French bistro.

Woven Wooden Chairs

Interestingly, the bistro’s most recognizable feature, the woven cafe chair, is not French in origin. This popular and sought-after rattan seat came from the Nile region of Egypt. Through French colonization, it found its way to the busy streets of Paris where it has become very much part of the great city’s cultural landscape. You can instill the same Parisian elegance in your kitchen and dining room by simply adding this timeless piece to your set.

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