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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Ask Balsam Hill with Dagmar Obert: How to Decorate your Christmas Tree

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Dear Dagmar,

Can you give me advice on how I can best decorate my Christmas tree? What factors should I consider when choosing ornaments and decorating it?



Hi Bernie,

There are many things to be considered when selecting and decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments. However, the three most important factors are: the color of your tree’s foliage, the size and shape of the ornaments and the style you want to achieve.

Foliage Color

The tree serves as your backdrop or canvas where you can create art using your ornaments. You need to determine the color of the foliage to find out how you can enhance or bring out the natural beauty of the tree using complementary decorations.

Some foliage hues don’t work with certain colors. For example, cool and deep blue-green foliage decorated with tomato red ornaments won’t look as stunning as when it is embellished with deep ruby or berry red trimmings. Trees with a warmer green or yellowish foliage, on the other hand, look more stunning with bright red and white ornaments that look as crisp as the snow outdoors. You don’t have to be a color guru or specialist to find out what tree decorations look easy on the eyes or draw attention to the tree’s needles.

To know more about how to pair your Christmas ornaments with any type of artificial tree foliage, check out the video below:
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