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Stylish and Stress-Free Home Offices

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Transforming a quiet corner of your house into an office is the best way to stay productive even in your own personal space. Home offices don’t have to echo the noise of the corporate world. A well-designed personal workstation can follow the efficient layout of professional offices, but it can also suit your own style of working to keep stress at bay. Balsam Hill gives you five decorating tips for a stylish yet stress-free home office:

Tip #1: Streamline Your Station

You can have office items within reach while keeping your space clutter-free. The first step towards a more productive environment is to plan the layout of the room, beginning with where you place your desk and how you arrange the items around it. As the focal point of your office, your desk should blend form with functionality. Do away with office tables that simply take up too much room but offer very little storage. Instead, have one custom-made to fit a corner to allow you to move around and maximize every inch of your office space. Arrange shelves, cabinets, and drawers according to your routine. File away folders for time-sensitive tasks in easily accessible drawers beside you. Books and other references can be placed on shelves.

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