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How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree: Easy Elegance with Instant Evergreens™

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Enjoy the advantages of using Balsam Hill’s signature Instant Evergreen™ Christmas trees. With these beautiful artisan displays, you can create a stylish yuletide highlight for your home within mere minutes.



Setup in Minutes to Achieve Easy Elegance

For people who prefer lighted Christmas displays, one of the main challenges they encounter is setting up the wires properly. While many other pre-lit holiday trees offer easy-to-follow Christmas lights systems, Balsam Hill takes the concept further by providing a pioneering way that fuses consumer-friendly features with first class brilliance.



Aptly called the Easy Plug™, our technology lets consumers set up their yuletide trees without worrying about cumbersome wires. The secret lies in its system of having the electrical connections expertly concealed within the tree base. Each tier is comprised of elaborate lighting powered up through plugs inside the poles.

How does an Instant Evergreen work? Watch this video.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Christmas in July: Have You Checked Your Tree Lately?

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It’s Christmas and the southern hemisphere is rejoicing. While our friends south of the equator are busy fluffing their Christmas trees in July, it’s time you asked yourself a crucial question: have you checked your own tree lately? The Balsam Hill blog gives you a handy checklist to make sure your tree is in tip-top shape for December.

Balsam Hill summer tree

Hello Tree, We Meet Again!

Before taking out your tree from storage, it’s important to determine a good spot where you can clean it. Choose to work in a controlled environment indoors to prevent any possible damage from the summer heat, wind, or unexpected rain. Also, consider the safety of children and pets. They might become fascinated with the colors of your ornaments and believe they are edible.

Lay down a large sheet of paper or cloth on the floor for catching dust and debris. This simple step allows for an easy clean up afterwards. Begin taking out the tree by gently lifting the parts out of the bag or box. Then place each section in a designated spot.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Holiday Organizing 101: Dagmar Obert’s Guide to Storing Christmas Decorations

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Taking down your Christmas decorations can be a daunting chore. Once the celebrations are over, it’s a bit of a drag to go to work and take down those pieces that once filled us with excitement and reminded us of the wonders of the season. Fortunately, through a well-planned process, storing your holiday decorations and other items for the off-season can be a quick and hassle-free task. To give you some tips, here’s a guide that details my ideas for storing holiday decorations.

Decide on Your Containers and What Will Go in Them

Protect your holiday ornaments by placing them inside plastic containers.
Protect your holiday ornaments by placing them inside plastic containers

The first step to putting away holiday décor is figuring out the appropriate containers to store them in. Before you do anything else, make sure these are prepared. Take out the original packaging: boxes, plastic containers, and foliage bags. If you purchased more items in preparation for the season, you may have to buy more bins. It’s also important to note that you may not have enough room in your area, so remember to spread the containers across your home. You can also use stackable clear plastic containers, which are the same ones I have at home. These sturdy alternatives provide users the opportunity to scan the contents of the case, which is great if you’re looking for something.

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Holiday Organizing 101: 7 Smart Ways to Maximize Storage Space for your Holiday Decorations

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Storing holiday decorations can be tricky business. Homeowners are often faced with the problem of fitting all their holiday décor in such a small storage area. To solve this, Balsam Hill is giving you quick tips on how to maximize both conventional and unconventional storage spaces so you can stow your decorative items easily.

1. Utilize the Space Under Your Staircase

The area underneath your staircase can make for an excellent storage space
Industrial Staircase by Montreal Interior Designers & Decorators Esther Hershcovich

Most modern homes leave the space underneath the staircase vacant and bare. Utilize this ‘hidden’ area to its fullest potential. Place large wooden crates and other stylish containers underneath the steps. Arrange them according to style and size then stack them up neatly.

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