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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Elegant Ways to Decorate with Ribbons

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Balsam Hill ribbons

Rustic Christmas Tree Ribbons from Balsam Hill

Ribbons can be used anywhere, from birthday gifts to Christmas tree toppers. Because of their versatility and the range of colors they come in, ribbons can be used in a myriad of decorating ideas. They add color and add character to bare spaces. Learn how to use them elegantly with this guide from Balsam Hill. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Christmas Comes to Life with Balsam Hill

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If you are all abuzz about Christmas, you can draw inspiration from the depth and reach of human imagination for your holiday decorating. And there is no better way to see Christmas than through the eyes of a child! Balsam Hill puts together the whimsical and enchanting, translating them to high-quality Christmas gifts that you can use as décor and will surely delight kids and adults alike.

Uplifting Holiday Melodies

Mr. Christmas Symphony of the Bells

Hear your all-time favorite Yuletide carols and children’s tunes from this hand-painted decor.

Balsam Hill’s Mr. Christmas Symphony of the Bells offers a joyful symphony showcasing 50 all-time favorite Christmas carols and year-round classics. The sound of its six tuned brass bells is no less than captivating, bringing a wave of childhood Yuletide memories. We adore this hand-painted decoration for its animated scene – Victorian skaters dashing around the village Christmas tree – illuminated by multicolored LED lights.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

A Touch of Holiday Nostalgia with Balsam Hill’s Handcrafted Items

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A Touch of Holiday Nostalgia

In decorating for the holidays, we choose Christmas pieces that we grew up with to make our display more personal and heartwarming. Old-fashioned cuckoo clocks and colorful nutcracker dolls evoke memories of warm and cozy family gatherings, and we aim to recreate the atmosphere for our children every year.

Balsam Hill brings back the enchanting Christmas ambiance of our childhood right into your home with these beautiful and handcrafted classic holiday pieces.
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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree: Easy Elegance with Instant Evergreens™

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Enjoy the advantages of using Balsam Hill’s signature Instant Evergreen™ Christmas trees. With these beautiful artisan displays, you can create a stylish yuletide highlight for your home within mere minutes.



Setup in Minutes to Achieve Easy Elegance

For people who prefer lighted Christmas displays, one of the main challenges they encounter is setting up the wires properly. While many other pre-lit holiday trees offer easy-to-follow Christmas lights systems, Balsam Hill takes the concept further by providing a pioneering way that fuses consumer-friendly features with first class brilliance.



Aptly called the Easy Plug™, our technology lets consumers set up their yuletide trees without worrying about cumbersome wires. The secret lies in its system of having the electrical connections expertly concealed within the tree base. Each tier is comprised of elaborate lighting powered up through plugs inside the poles.

How does an Instant Evergreen work? Watch this video.

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