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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Decorating for Autumn: How to Use Pumpkins and Gourds as Elegant Décor

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Pumpkins and gourds are among the simplest and most charming decorations that abound during the fall season. These nature-inspired accent pieces represent a bountiful harvest. Their vibrant colors and smooth texture and contours bring to life even the quietest corners of your home. The first post in our new series, Decorating for Autumn, will give you creative ideas for turning pumpkins and gourds into elegant home décor.

Pumpkins as Candle Holders

Enhance the warmth and coziness of your home to match the cooler climate of autumn by adding a few candles placed in small orange pumpkins. The solid round base of the vegetable provides an excellent and sturdy support for the candles while its orange color adds a warm and cheerful look to your space.

Balsam Hill Pumpkin Candle Holders

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