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Balsam Hill Skylight
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My Balsam Hill Home: Building a Green Retreat

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Novel in their designs and ground-breaking in their functionality, eco-friendly homes are the way to the future. Changes in the environment have prompted designers to innovate the features of today’s dwelling spaces, so that earth-conscious homeowners can strike a balance between green technology and timeless designs. Balsam Hill presents four ways to turn your home into a green retreat.

Install a Skylight

Though skylights were once considered a luxury addition to homes, they are now regarded as a must-have due to their potential to cut down energy consumption at home. Since they serve as windows for your roofs, skylights give you the benefit of energy-efficient lighting. You wouldn’t have to rely on electric bulbs to illuminate rooms. In terms of aesthetics, this feature also creates a sense of depth and spaciousness for smaller houses.

Balsam Hill Skylight
Photo from tawalker via flickr. CC BY 2.0

A further advantage of having skylights is that it regulates heat transfer. Depending on its positioning in your home, a skylight can help heat up your room during winter by letting in warm sunlight. It can also cool off your space during summer by acting as a vent where heated air can pass through.

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