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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Elegant Front Porch Autumn Decorating

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The warm colors of autumn are a beautiful muse for creating your own seasonal home decor. The perfect place to start, your front porch is a versatile setting for a fall-inspired design. Transform your front porch into a welcoming and elegant haven for you and your guests with these ideas:

Wreaths and garlands

Bring a touch of autumn into your porch design with a wreath and garland on the door. While a fall-inspired wreath already exudes the spirit of the season, complementing it with a garland creates a more dramatic visual impact. A grapevine wreath and matching garland is perfect for any home design. Floral wreaths and garlands, as well as those made of fall leaves, are also great options. Beautify porch pillars with vine garlands or corn stalks twined together.

If you opt to do without a garland, loosely bundle together some twigs interspersed with dried leaves and flowers, and position it on top of the door frame. Or, maximize the space on your door mantel by lining it with some small preserved gourds or a series of rattan balls.

Flowers and topiaries

Flowers in orange, yellow, or purple tones add rich color to your front porch. Display a hanging basket or two with mums, asters, goldenrod, or sweet potato vines near the entryway. Alternatively, plant these flowers in a pair of black or white urns on pedestals and position them beside the door for hints of fall color.

Topiaries are also a classy way to cheer up your porch. Decorate topiaries with pine cones or orange balls tied with bronze ribbons for a personalized look. Mount dried twigs or long stalks of dried grasses in a wooden bucket with a ribbon tie for a more creative alternative.

Pumpkin displays

Pumpkins are popular elements of fall decorations. Using urns as a base, create a pumpkin topiary by piling three pumpkins of different colors on top of each other. Tie a ribbon on the topmost pumpkin and let it cascade to the floor.

On a corner of the porch or stairs, position a wooden crate or bucket on its side and place pumpkins of different sizes and colors in and around it, so it looks as if the pumpkins had tumbled down the stairs in a rustic yet charming display of abundance. If available, add one or two bales of hay to the scene for an extra pastoral touch.

Interesting centerpieces

A wicker basket with an array of small pumpkins is a simple yet elegant centerpiece for your outdoor table. Repaint old lanterns and fill them with small pumpkins for a unique showpiece. Add pine cones to these for more texture.

Berry branches or bundles of wheat grass in tall crystal vases also bring an autumn feel to your al fresco dining table. An orange potted flower ball also makes for a conversation starter that constantly lures you outdoors. Reuse vintage items, like an old watering can or a small metal bucket, as trendy vases and fill them with bundles of dried leaves and flowers.

Implemented with additional details like leaf-printed cushion covers and accessories, these ideas will help you establish a sophisticated home exterior this fall.

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

How to Choose a Color Theme for the Holidays

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The family makes sure that the home is at its best during the holidays by adorning every room with beautiful Christmas trimmings. Classic choices include the traditional red and green, but a color-specific theme makes the décor more interesting and unique at this time of the year.

This design plan allows the rooms to be decorated in an intriguing splash of color and makes Christmas even merrier. Here are some tips for choosing a holiday color theme for your home:

  • Start with a focal piece, such as a full Christmas tree, or a Nativity scene, and then choose a color to accentuate it. Gold is a glamorous and lavish shade that perfectly highlights the beauty of any décor. Adorn the tree with golden balls, flowers, and ribbons. Pillows, tabletop runners, and wreaths with a touch of this hue are great accent pieces that enhance the holiday look.
  • Try decorating with non-traditional tints. Lilac, for example, is an exquisite color and becomes even more elegant when paired with white or silver. Brown is unusual but classy, and gives a sense of earthy ambiance while making a room look stylish and sophisticated.
  • Play with different textures for a vivid and dramatic look. Use rustic rugs and silky throw pillows, and position them strategically on couches and sofas. Dry twigs and branches draped with lights, tabletop Christmas trees, mistletoes, are also interesting decorations that can be strewn all over your house.
  • It’s not necessary to stick to one hue. Feel free to mix and match, but be careful not to overdo it. A touch of pale pink adds a feminine touch on an all-silver theme. Combine orange, brown, and green for a retro Christmas vibe.

Anything on the color palette is a potential holiday hue. Decorate your home with a unique color theme and do away with the old choices to create an interesting and unforgettable Christmas. Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Fantastic Christmas Tablescapes

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Creating the perfect Christmas tablescape involves a tasteful layout of linens, flatware, and silverware. This may be challenging for those who are not confident in their design and styling skills, especially when there are many elements to consider.

Start by focusing on centerpieces that foster a festive mood at the dining table, and highlight spaces with creative designs on various tabletops. Here are a few suggestions on how to decorate your tables for Christmas.


Gather several round candles in different sizes on a serving tray and place them in the middle of the table. Candles shaped as Christmas icons like Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and pinecones contrast well with the variety of round candles.


Grapefruits or oranges lined with peppercorns make for a refreshing display. Place them on a tiered tray with holly leaves and evergreens to achieve a seasonal ambiance. You can also use peppermint candies instead of fruits for a sweet spectacle.


Tall and skinny twigs in a clear glass vase provide an earthy and elegant quality in a dining table display. Place the vase at the center and decorate the rest of the table with flatware, plates, and plain napkins.


Create two-foot high topiaries using round-headed flowers such as carnations or camellias, and accentuate them with miniature Christmas balls. This particular centerpiece gives off a stylish but homey atmosphere to your house. You can also use poinsettias, as well as seasonal greenery like fir, holly, and evergreen.


Fill big, clear wine glasses with small Christmas ornaments like glittered stars, tiny glass balls, or dried greenery, and place them on different parts of a dining table. This offers an interestingly colorful variety for your table display.

Small trees

During important gatherings, small potted Christmas trees are a charming display next to each table setting. It adds a nice personal touch and your guests can take them home as tokens from a delightful dinner at your house.

Centerpieces may be the focus of your dining table, but you can also decorate it further with attractive runners, a shower of Christmas confetti, and randomly placed pinecones and berries.

These suggestions are only the beginning of how you can create playful tablescapes. Let your imagination and creativity run free as these sophisticated displays are abundantly enjoyed and appreciated. Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Bring Bells into Holiday Décor

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Christmas bells are beautiful accents that can be a feast for the eyes and ears. Check out these easy-to-do ideas that will surely inspire you in bringing that perfect cheer to your Christmas décor:

  1. For an elegant touch, adorn your Christmas tree with bells in different sizes. If you’re going for a winter wonderland theme, silver bells are the perfect accents. Red ones are ideal for a traditional theme while glittery fuchsia or sparkly lavender look adorable in a contemporary set-up.
  2. Purchase several packs of colored bells from any craft store to make a wreath ornament for your front door. If you’re the creative type, this is perfect as it lets you unleash your artistic side. To enhance your work, make a big bow (preferably in a complementing color) and attach it on the top or bottom part. As an alternative, you may also create a bell out of Styrofoam and dust it with red glitters. Finish it up by tying a silver or green ribbon around its body and adding natural materials such as twigs, holly leaves, and berries.
  3. Decorate one side of your living room, an accent wall, or the fireplace mantel with bell-shaped photo frames. Choose some of your unforgettable Christmas photos and hang them in the area of your choice.
  4. Attach colorful Christmas bells to your garlands and drape them around the stair or porch railings for that extra festive look.
  5. Instead of the usual tubular wind chimes, string three to four bells in varied sizes and hang them by your porch or the front door. The clanging will surely add to the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

As you can see, Christmas bells are easy to incorporate to any holiday décor – all you need is a little imagination! Happy decorating!