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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Decorating Your Slim Christmas Tree

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With the increased popularity of more modern interior design styles, many are turning to slim Christmas trees for their homes and apartments. Not only are these space-saving trees naturally elegant, they are also the perfect accessories for themed celebrations. Read on for a few tips on how to decorate the perfect slim Christmas tree.

Silverado Slim Spruce Courtesy of Al from Asheville, NC

Less Is More

The perfect Christmas tree should not be bursting with décor. Since slim Christmas trees already command attention due to their delicate profile, keep in mind that less is more. Smaller Christmas ornaments should go on top of the tree while bigger ones should stay at the bottom to create a sense of balance. Decorating the tree in a monochromatic color theme also works particularly well.

Neatly Wrapped Presents

Presents underneath your skinny tree are also good Christmas tree decorations.  Select wrapping paper in colors that are complementary to your ornaments. If you have ornaments in different shades of blue, you can wrap your gifts in orange paper; or if you want something more opulent, use silver or gold. If you have a white tree, presents in bright wrapping paper will enliven the room.

Personalized Christmas Décor

Christmas is a time for family, so have your kids help you set up the perfect Christmas tree. Google easy DIY ornaments and have fun making Christmas tree decorations. For a more family-focused celebration, hang small, framed pictures of your loved ones on your slim tree.

Because of their narrow profile, several slim trees can be placed in your home for a truly festive Christmas. Balsam Hill’s Tannenbaum Evergreen Tree, for instance, can be purchased in sets of three. You can place one in your home office, one in the living room, and one in the foyer – the trees may be slim, but they will fill your home with an abundance of Christmas spirit.


Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Staircase

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The staircase serves as a pathway that leads people from one part of the room to another. At Christmas time, it brings the family to the area where the tree, the presents, and your loved ones and guests are—making it a wonderful place to decorate during the yuletide season.

Here are a few ideas on how you can spruce up your staircase for the holidays.

  • Artificial green pine garlands accentuated with red bows are traditional favorites. Drape the material down the length of the baluster, create loops of three or more, and secure each with a ribbon for a timeless, classic appeal.
  • Make your staircase a lovely extension of your Christmas tree by decorating it with garlands made of similar needles. Use the same Christmas balls, lights, and ornaments on the tree to achieve a cohesive design. Hang sprigs of mistletoe and holly on both ends of the banister to tie everything together.
  • Make gift-giving more exciting by hanging the stockings for each member of your family along the moldings. Stuff each with presents and some sweet treats, and the children will surely be delighted.
  • Drape colorful ribbons over the entire length of the handrail. Accentuate with pinecones, sparkling stars, and bells to create a charming effect.
  • Use a craft wire to tie sprigs of holly, some twigs, and red berries together, and then mount one on each of the banister posts. This will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.
  • Flowers on the stairs never go out of style. A garland of bright red poinsettias or Christmas roses on the balustrade provide a dainty and cheerful look.
  • Attach wreaths along the banister for an interesting visual treat. Create a classic design with artificial evergreens, or choose those made of feathers and silver snowflakes for one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Set up lanterns and fairy lights down the balustrade. This striking lighting design creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere, making your descent to the sitting room feel like entering a magical land.

The staircase should not be ignored when planning the Christmas décor for the home. A beautifully-decorated stairs allows you to bring the spirit of the holiday from room to room. Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Bring Bells into Holiday Décor

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Christmas bells are beautiful accents that can be a feast for the eyes and ears. Check out these easy-to-do ideas that will surely inspire you in bringing that perfect cheer to your Christmas décor:

  1. For an elegant touch, adorn your Christmas tree with bells in different sizes. If you’re going for a winter wonderland theme, silver bells are the perfect accents. Red ones are ideal for a traditional theme while glittery fuchsia or sparkly lavender look adorable in a contemporary set-up.
  2. Purchase several packs of colored bells from any craft store to make a wreath ornament for your front door. If you’re the creative type, this is perfect as it lets you unleash your artistic side. To enhance your work, make a big bow (preferably in a complementing color) and attach it on the top or bottom part. As an alternative, you may also create a bell out of Styrofoam and dust it with red glitters. Finish it up by tying a silver or green ribbon around its body and adding natural materials such as twigs, holly leaves, and berries.
  3. Decorate one side of your living room, an accent wall, or the fireplace mantel with bell-shaped photo frames. Choose some of your unforgettable Christmas photos and hang them in the area of your choice.
  4. Attach colorful Christmas bells to your garlands and drape them around the stair or porch railings for that extra festive look.
  5. Instead of the usual tubular wind chimes, string three to four bells in varied sizes and hang them by your porch or the front door. The clanging will surely add to the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

As you can see, Christmas bells are easy to incorporate to any holiday décor – all you need is a little imagination! Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

White Lights or Multicolored? How Light Color Choices Affect Your Décor

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It’s truly a sight to behold when your Christmas tree, ornaments and lights just naturally come together. It does take a bit of work to make it look great, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

Christmas tree lights


For now, let’s focus on your light color choices (still an ongoing decorating debate!) – White versus multicolored lights.

  1. White Lights: White lights are often viewed as elegant and sophisticated. They can be used in a single color palette, like white on white or gold on gold. Remember that metallic colors work especially well with white lights. As a neutral color, white lights can also serve as a backdrop for other, bolder colors. For example, strands of white Christmas lights can be complemented with single-color ornaments in red, gold, green or blue. A unique and fun color to try this year is pink!
  2. Multicolored Lights: Multicolored Christmas lights are seen as festive and magical. A good rule of thumb with a colorful palette like this would be stick to around three to four basic colors. Once you’ve chosen your color palette, you can mix and match your ornaments! Try combining pieces like stars, ribbons, beads and ball ornaments in different textures, sizes and shapes.

If you do decide to go full throttle, I won’t stop you! You can incorporate themes like Candyland, Toy Kingdom and Americana (or even Hello Kitty?). The point is to have fun and go with what makes you feel festive. Happy decorating!