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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Using Baskets to Incorporate Unfinished Holiday Craft Projects into Living Room Décor

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Baskets can hold firewood for a practical and decorative touch

Baskets can hold firewood for a practical and decorative touch

At the beginning of each holiday craft project, we work with fervor and anticipation. However, as the days go by, we lose track of time. Suddenly, we realize that the holidays are upon us and we’ve left our craft projects unfinished. What to do? Don’t worry! I’ve come up with some helpful ideas to incorporate these unfinished holiday craft projects into your living room décor. How? By using baskets!

  1. Autumn Harvest table centerpiece: Ever set out to make a few dozen candles, only to end up with just two or three? Although you can’t give these candles as gifts anymore, you can use them as decorative accents for a table centerpiece. Pick a beautiful round basket and place the candles in the middle. Use some evergreens as filler and add berries and pine cones. Viola! You’ve got the perfect table centerpiece for the autumn harvest season.
  2. Thanksgiving bouquet of flowers: Have you tried making floral arrangements, only to come up with a few dried flowers here and there? There’s no need to fret because your dried flowers won’t go to waste! Collect whatever you’ve been able to make and put them together in one Thanksgiving bouquet of flowers. Display them in a vintage square basket and place them on top of your mantelpiece.
  3. Halloween pumpkin patch display: Do you have some small pumpkins leftover from your attempts at making wreaths or garlands for Halloween? You can still use them! All you’ll need is a wide, rectangular basket and a few yards of green cloth. Put the green cloth in first and arrange it to look like a bed of grass. Next, strategically place the pumpkins on top and make them appear as if they were growing out of the basket. You now have a lovely Halloween pumpkin patch display!
  4. Firewood storage and display: Need a place to store all that firewood? Try placing them in a basket! It’ll double as storage and as a decoration for the fireplace.

Baskets are made from natural materials and are easily available. Besides being used for decorations, they can also be used for storing craft projects. Since craft projects often have unsightly tools with them and straggles of materials, I’d recommend using a beautiful basket (with a lid) for projects in progress. Happy decorating!



Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

6 Ways to Use School Pictures in Your Holiday Decorations

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crafting kids image via totalclasscreativeblog.com

Keep the festive mood alive by incorporating your kids’ school pictures with your Christmas decor!  Make it a fun and memorable event by crafting the decorations together as a family. Below are some of my favorite kid-friendly handicrafts, which I hope you’ll enjoy making.

  1. Ornament Photo Stand: Turn your Christmas ball ornaments into photo stands. Select a few Christmas ornaments, preferably in the same color. To make the Christmas ornaments stand straight, fill them with small stones or pellets to weigh them down. Put the cap back on the ornament, and attach the pictures to the cap with strong adhesive glue. These nifty little stands are perfect for filling any empty space.
  2. Tree of Pictures: Glue a border onto the photo, so it looks like a frame (you can use ribbon, ric-rac in holiday colors, or Popsicle sticks decorated by the kids). Punch holes in the pictures and hang them on your bare-limbed tree with some pretty ribbon.
  3. Picture Frames: This is quick and easy – Purchase picture frames in holiday colors. You can place them throughout the home, like in your children’s bedrooms and play areas. A fun twist is to place a framed school picture above your child’s stocking; this way, when Santa arrives on Christmas Eve, he can put a face to the name!
  4. Photo Wreath: Turn your wreath into a photo display. Make copies of some of your favorite pictures and nestle them into a wreath. If you have more time, you can create a wreath from photographs only, and there are dozens of DIY options for this online.  Be sure to laminate these pictures if the wreath will be used outside of your house!
  5. Holiday Placemats: Make holiday meals more fun by turning your pictures into holiday placemats. You’ll need poster board and strong laminate which are easy to find in a craft store. There are endless options for this creative project: Glitter, pictures, stickers, the works! Paste items onto the board, laminate, and trim. Voila!  Christmas memories to eat off of.
  6. Hang Photos around the House: Print copies of your favorite pictures in black and white and laminate them (you can add borders, just like in Tree of Pictures, if you want to). Punch holes on top and use big, bold ribbons to hang them on your entry ways, hallways and bedrooms.

These handicrafts are fun to make and are a great way to display your kids’ favorite memories of school. Crafting these together as a family will allow you to create even better memories with your kids, something that is truly priceless.