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Organize Your Home Day

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Keeping your home fabulous requires a commitment to transforming them into a place of harmony.

Home organization is not simply about de-cluttering a closet; it is about opening up a space and creating an inviting atmosphere. By designating a proper function for each corner, you can highlight the more important features that make your home a reflection of your refined sense of style.

These three innovative ways have been designed to help you embrace harmony, and showcase your home as a fusion of form and function.

Organize-Your-Home Day

Image by Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1. Get Familiar with Your Own Space

Begin with a brief inventory of places used for storage. Mark off which closet is used by which family member; or take note, for instance, which spaces keep items such as linens, and which ones keep power tools. This will give you an idea of the areas that will be useful when you start organizing.

2. Use Color Codes

The most challenging part of home organization is identifying the “grey areas”: some items may be difficult to classify because of their value, sentimental or otherwise. You can, instead, categorize them into four types. Assign a unique color code for items that are:

  • Used every day and are highly necessary
  • Used specifically in emergency situations
  • Used occasionally for entertainment or skill-building, and the like
  • No longer used at home but may find use elsewhere

Only by highlighting these nuances can you actually assess which items would best be showcased in certain rooms, given away to charity, or tucked away neatly into storage.

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