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Essential Fall Holiday Drinks

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Autumn is a wonderful time to entertain, whether you plan on hosting a simple outdoor brunch or an elegant dinner surrounded by the warm ambiance of your home. As with most parties, it is essential that you maintain a well-stocked bar that’ll allow you to create and serve a variety of drinks inspired by the season.

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Apple Cider

Cider is a great treat for autumn. Made via the fermentation of apple juice, cider oozes with the spirit of the season, matching the sweet scent of fall’s crimson leaves. Create your own version of the traditional cider by boiling store-bought cider with freshly cut green and red apples and a cinnamon stick. The apples add an extra burst of freshness while the cinnamon stick brings a touch of spice and warmth. Once all the flavors have melded together, serve the drink either warm or iced.

Seasonal Cocktails

Draw inspiration from the season when creating signature drinks for your parties. Pumpkins, cinnamon, and figs are just some of the autumn-inspired ingredients you can use. For example, you may mix sweet pumpkin puree with rum or Baileys and top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon for a luscious cocktail. Instead of the usual cocktail garnish of olives or fruit, consider using dried figs for a unique touch.
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