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Tips for Hosting a Christmas Tree Trimming Party

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The Christmas tree trimming party is a beautiful tradition that many cherish. The fun and delight in decorating this beloved Christmas icon magnifies when shared with family, friends, and neighbors. Tree trimming is a wonderful way to start your Christmas festivities and usher in the holiday spirit. It also engages everyone whatever their age, from grandmothers and grandfathers to the little ones. These effective tips will help you host an elegant tree trimming party with style and ease:

Invite ahead of Time

Everyone has their own tree to decorate, so make sure to send out your invitations early. Instead of just inviting with a phone call, foster some creative spirit by making your own invitations. Simple cardboard cut into a Christmas tree shape and adorned with glitter or ribbons adds a dash of holiday splendor that will entice your guests. Ask guests to bring an ornament or two that either represents them or that they made themselves to be hung on your tree as a distinctive keepsake.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Hang an opulent and stately wreath on the door, and place some sparkling embellishments here and there to ready the house for the gathering. Evoke a jovial mood by playing favorite Christmas carols.

Set up the Tree

To instill effortless fun, set up your tree before the guests arrive. Mount it in the center of the room to ensure enough decorating space from all sides. Christmas lights should also be pre-strung around the tree to eliminate tangled wires that could distract from the decorating extravaganza. 

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