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How to Celebrate Christmas at the Beach

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When it comes to celebrating Christmas in July, nobody does it better than our friends south of the equator. Up here in the northern hemisphere, the balmy climate gives you the perfect excuse to trade in your snow boots for a pair of flip flops, your eggnog for a tropical cooler, and your snowman for sand castles. With the exuberant summer sun beaming down on you, you can let your worries melt away like snow, head out to the beach, and dive into the cool water. This is what the summer holidays are all about: a different kind of chill. Balsam Hill gives you simple tips for having a blast with a Christmas party at the beach.

Gather Friends with a Beach-Inspired Invitation

You can feature a heat-resistant Jack Frost kicking back under the sun, Santa Claus sipping piña colada while relaxing in a lounge chair, or a magnificent sandcastle adorned with Christmas balls and stockings. You can also write your invitation by hand, roll it up, and stick it inside a clear bottle. Or you can simply glue a small decorative starfish on a regular invitation from your local crafts store. If you’re running out of time or simply doubting your creativity, you can find some available online.

Balsam Hill starfish and sea shells

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