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Christmas Décor Storing Options

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When the holiday season ends and the Christmas tree is taken down, many are usually left with a pile of decorations that require storage for the next few months. While it’s easy to just stuff them all in boxes and leave them in the garage or attic, doing so can cause tangles and breakages that will make decorating for the next holiday season a chore. Besides, some décor pieces are passed down to younger generations and it is your responsibility to keep them intact and beautiful for the years to come. Here are a few tips you can try when storing your holiday décor:

Storage Space & Containers

Assess the storage space you have and take note of the area where the decorations will be placed. Whether it be the garage, basement, or attic, it’s important to be familiar with the conditions of the area and if there may be chances of the boxes falling or getting wet. Use this information as a guide when selecting the type of containers you need. While boxes are convenient and readily available, well-made plastic containers with a good sealed cover protect your Christmas decorations from temperature changes throughout the year. Ensure you have prepared enough storage space since you don’t want to tightly pack ornaments and lights together. Balsam Hill has a wide variety of ornament and tree storage items that will make storing your Christmas decorations a breeze.

Grouping Items Together

Take a quick inventory of your décor items and group them according to their usage and where they are located in a room. For example, you may want to place tree ornaments together in a single box, while the wreaths and garlands that hang around the home can be placed in a separate one. This way, decorating for next year’s holiday season will be a cinch.

Photo from Phil Denton via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Wrapping & Labels

Since ornaments are generally more prone to breakage, take time to wrap them individually in newspapers. For more fragile items, use bubble wrap. You may want to wrap each tree ornament separately before packing them loosely together in a thick cover of bubble wrap. Label them accordingly so they will be easy to distinguish from one another.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Top 10 Christmas Light Displays Around the World

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Christmas memories can be made up of several things: chilly weather, fabulous Christmas parties, carols playing on the radio, nicely wrapped presents, and Christmas lights. Christmas light decorations have become such a large part of the holiday tradition that the yuletide season seems to be incomplete without them. In some places, however, the lights have gone beyond being a mere thing of tradition – great Christmas light displays have also been known to amaze and inspire. In some places, the best Christmas light shows are nothing but spectacular, breathtaking, and well worth a visit.

1. Disney World, Florida, USA

Photo from Randy Pertiet via flickr. CC BY 2.0


A favorite destination whatever time of the year, Disney World has established itself as a prime vacation getaway with its numerous must-see sights, shops, and recreation spots. Dubbed as “the happiest place on earth,” Disney World may just be in the running for the brightest place in the planet come Christmas time. During the holiday season, the myriad lights that illuminate the site add to Disney World’s magical appeal. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is also a must-see Christmas tradition with its animated display of brilliant lights dancing to well-loved holiday tunes.

2. Forum des Halles, Paris, France

Photo from pterjan via flickr. CC BY 2.0
The famous city of lights has its own share of must-see Christmas light displays. Located in the 1st arrondissement south of rue Montorgueil, the Forum des Halles is an open air center in the Les Halles area of Paris near the Louvre and the Centre Pompodou. The area is accentuated with magnificent sculptures, fountains, and mosaics. Its underground maze of shops and chic cafés are usually alive with energy, and when the Christmas season comes, the Christmas light decorations further enhance the festive ambiance, making it an ideal place for a Parisian night out.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

How to String Christmas Lights on Your Tree

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Beautiful lights wrapped around a decorated Christmas tree are guaranteed to make a home look and feel festive. If you’re new at stringing lights, here are some basic tips to follow:

Before stringing:

  1. First, make sure your lights are in good condition. Test the bulbs and check if they’re all working. Have replacement bulbs ready in case you’ll need them. Additionally, check for any broken sockets or burned wires to avoid any danger of fire or electric shock.
  2. When using multi-colored lights, make sure that similar colors are spread out.
  3. Read and follow manufacturer’s instruction regarding the maximum number of sets you may connect.
  4. Remember not to plug more than two extension cords together.
  5. For multiple strings of lights, test the strings individually as well as when they’re connected.

Now that you’re sure of your safety, here’s how to string your lights:

  1. Spread out your lights on a flat surface, preferably on a working table or on the floor, to disentangle the wire.
  2.  Start with a string of lights with the plug as the starting point; wrap it around your Christmas tree’s trunk. From the center of the base of your tree, work your way up.
  3. Next, wrap the string evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk.
  4. Weave the string upwards from the middle of the tree to the crown. When you reach the crown, weave your way back down, arranging the lights further out on the branches.
  5. Keep weaving the lights until you reach the tips of the branches.
  6.  Remember that in weaving, the bulb should be positioned under a branch and the next light over a branch.
  7. To bring out your tree’s best look, make sure the spaces are even as you weave the string of lights.
  8. Plug in the lights and see how your tree looks from a distance. You want to make sure your lighting is balanced so check for unlit areas and make necessary adjustments.

With proper lighting, your home will look breathtaking for the season. Keep these tips in mind the next time you string the lights on your Christmas tree. Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

What Makes a Room Feel Warm?

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Your home is your refuge from the outside world. It’s so nice to come home to a warm, inviting room — I look forward to it myself!

The Vermont White Spruce Tree from the Vermont Signature™ Collection

The Vermont White Spruce Tree from the Vermont Signature™ Collection

Here are a few of decorating tips to achieve this feeling in any room in your house:

  1. Bold colors: Using bold colors like red and orange add warmth to a room! A good way to incorporate these colors is to use them in window treatments, throw pillows and area rugs.
  2. Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is created by using layers of light, such as candles, table lamps, floor lamps and dimmed ceiling lights. This layering creates ambience and depth, which results in a feeling of coziness! Ambient lighting works best at night, especially during the holidays. For those who’d like something longer-lasting and equally warm and inviting, we offer our special Candlelight™ LED lights (noted for being much warmer in color than the cool blues of traditional LED lights) which come on our LED Prelit Artificial Christmas Trees. You can use these artificial trees as sources of light and as decorative focal points in a room.
  3. Stylish accessories: Using the right accessories will complete the overall look and feel of your room! Choose accessories in colors that go well together. For example, you can use orange and black accessories for Halloween and orange and yellow accessories for Thanksgiving.
  4. Different textures: Different textures add a sense of warmth and luxury. For fall, think velvets, cashmere, chenille, and silk! Natural fibers are best because they have a sense of luxury, and some are less expensive than others. This look can be achieved with just a few objects, like a chenille throw blanket, velvet pillow covers or a bolt of silk gathered and draped across the mantle.

After all that hard work, why not enjoy your warmly decorated retreat with a cup of hot cider by the fireplace? Delicious!