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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Feng Shui Tips for Keeping Peace in the Family When House Guests Arrive

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During the holiday season, homes are abuzz with preparations for festivities. As anyone would expect, things turn insanely busy when house guests arrive. To keep chaos at bay, try basing our holiday decorating on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that balances the energy in living and professional spaces. As everything around us is made of energy, it is important to strike a balance in our homes to keep peace. Here are some Feng Shui tips to consider:

  • De-clutter your living space. Clutter creates negative energy. Clear out objects that block doorways and other passages to allow the good Chi to flow inside your home. This will help you and the rest of the family keep a cheerful attitude even when things are extremely busy at home. Also, de-cluttering shows off your beautiful holiday decor.
  • Burn incense. Incense burning has been a part of religious ceremonies in many cultures. According to Feng Shui, burning incense helps to get rid of the negative energy. Burn some Christmas-oriented incense, like pine, apple, or clove.
  • Use water features. Water is a soothing element that brings feelings of peace. If the space in your living room permits, place a water fountain where it can be easily seen. You can also hang paintings of water environments if placing a water fountain inside your home isn’t possible. However, be careful not to put water features in the bedroom or the office.
  • Decorate with plants. Like water, greenery calms the nerves. Place live plants inside your home to maintain balance and harmony, but never inside the bedroom. Make sure to keep the plants healthy with regular watering, sunlight and pruning. Christmas plants such as poinsettias or holly cheerful Feng Shui additions!

This holiday season, every home is bound to get busier than ever. Make use of the Feng Shui tips to keep peace in yours!