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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Setting up a Holiday Window Display: Ten Tips

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Everyone loves unabashedly ogling their neighbor’s Christmas window displays. Here are ten tips to make your windows worth looking at…

  1. Pick a theme. A bunch of items by your window looks more like clutter than a holiday display. By thinking of a theme, you narrow down what you’ll be placing by your window, and therefore create unity in your display.
  2. Think of a focal point. With your window items carefully considered, it’s time to choose the central object for your window display. Some popular focal features are the Nativity scene and Santa Claus.
  3. Dress up your windows with festive curtains. Velvet curtains in reds and greens make for simple but attractive window treatments. Cinch the curtains with beaded garlands for a more festive touch.
  4. Hang Christmas lights. Bring sparkle to your windows by placing Christmas lights on window jambs. You can also use LED Christmas lights as well, to save energy and be a bit environmentally friendly.
  5. Display festive Christmas wreaths. Hanging multiple Christmas wreaths on a window creates an abundant, celebratory mood. For consistency, choose wreaths that are similar in design or color.
  6. Place candles on window ledge for illumination. Pillar or votive candles lend a soft glow to your home. Arrange them on the window ledge for a serene effect. Just make sure they are placed far from the curtains to avoid a fire hazard.
  7. Hang Christmas cards. Don’t let pretty Christmas cards from last year collect dust! Hang them in your window with pretty, festive ribbon.
  8. Use greenery. Build a window box and fill it with assorted greeneries like mini evergreen trees, flower sprigs and berry branches. Pots of poinsettias will also create a striking effect on a holiday window display.
  9. Drape garlands on curtain rods. This brings an instant touch of color to your windows.
  10. Embellish with ribbons. Set aside the curtains and drape colorful long ribbons on curtain rods. Let the ribbons cascade down to create a veil of color on your window.

Happy decorating!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Bringing Fall Colors Inside: Eight Tried and True Strategies

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The coming of Fall signals an explosion of yellow, red, orange and brown colors in different hues! As Nature slowly transitions from Summer to Autumn, we find ourselves drawn to the cozy indoors.

Seasonal produce adds a warm touch

Make the most out of this season by decorating your home in traditional Fall colors:

  1. Use natural light: Since days are shorter in the Fall, you’ll have to make full use of the available natural light! Bring the soft Autumn sun into your home by fully raising your blinds or opening your curtains. You can replace any dark and heavy drapes with pale yellow curtains. Also, try adding more mirrors to reflect the sunlight back into your living room, bedroom or bathroom.
  2. Paint the walls: Make your home feel warmer by painting the walls in Fall-inspired colors. Take your cues from Nature and use colors found in maple, oak, hickory, ash, sycamore or birch trees. To make it more fun (albeit messy), get your family to help paint during the weekend!
  3. Display Fall foliage indoors: Let the beauty of Nature into your home by displaying Fall foliage indoors. Go outside and have fun choosing different leaves and branches to use for display! These will look absolutely gorgeous sitting in a wooden basket or sprinkled along a runner on the dining room table.
  4. Hang herb wreaths above the mantelpiece: Since Autumn is the harvest season, try hanging herb wreaths above the mantelpiece. Choose wreaths in yellow, red, orange and brown for a Fall-inspired look. Just like scented candles, they’ll even make your room smell good!
  5. Fill baskets and bowls with pine cones: Use pine cones as decorative pieces by filling baskets and bowls with them. Adding just the right touch, they’re versatile and abundant in season!
  6. Use seasonal produce: Choose from a wide selection of produce that is easily available in the Fall like apples, pears, grapes, figs, pomegranates and pumpkins. You can use them for displays or as decorative accents (plus you can eat them when they’re ripe!).
  7. Place centerpieces on the table: Keep in line with the Fall theme by using your garlands as centerpieces for the table. Make sure that nothing goes to waste by incorporating pine cones or other decorations left over from other holiday projects!
  8. Add throw pillows and matching rugs: Cover throw pillows in different Autumnal colors, ranging from chocolate brown, rich burgundy and pumpkin orange (they even sound delicious!). You can complement these throw pillows by getting matching rugs made from natural fibers like jute, organic cotton or hemp.

Happy decorating from Balsam Hill!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Managing the Chaos: Taking Holiday Decorations Out of Storage

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Taking Christmas decorations out of storage can be stress-free!

Preparing for the holidays can get hectic and feel utterly chaotic. Don’t worry! I’ve got a few tips on how to stay organized while taking all of your decorations out of storage. I hope these suggestions will be as useful for you as they were for me.

  1. Get help! No one decorates alone. Pull in a friend or ask your children to help out.
  2. If possible, survey your Christmas storage and identify what’s in the boxes. Hopefully you’ve labeled them and put them in clear plastic bins!
  3. Bring the box of decorations into the designated Christmas decorations room – if you have a lot of decorations like we do, you’ll definitely have a room where you’ll unpack the Christmas decorations.
  4. Make piles according to the type of decoration or room.  For example, dedicate a corner to Christmas wreaths or garlands. It helps to lay out all your ornaments, so you can see your whole collection by before placing them on the tree. This visually helps you decide where you want to place each ornament to balance the tree décor. For easy access, leave the Christmas tree ornaments and lights next to the tree.
  5. Decorate one box at a time. This keeps mess – and thus stress – to a minimum. It also means that you can stop whenever you like without leaving a mess!
  6. Repack as you go. Before moving onto another box, put the empty containers back into the box and seal it.
  7. It’s always best to cover your work area with a sheet (like old bed sheets or towels) because the glitter from those ornaments can get everywhere! This helps to prevent the ornaments from rolling off your work area and breaking apart. Also, if the ornaments did break by accident, the mess is much easier to clean.

These tips ought to keep your stress levels at an absolute minimum. Prepare well enough in advance and you won’t feel overwhelmed when the holidays start coming around. Good luck!