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Tips for Hosting a Christmas Tree Trimming Party

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The Christmas tree trimming party is a beautiful tradition that many cherish. The fun and delight in decorating this beloved Christmas icon magnifies when shared with family, friends, and neighbors. Tree trimming is a wonderful way to start your Christmas festivities and usher in the holiday spirit. It also engages everyone whatever their age, from grandmothers and grandfathers to the little ones. These effective tips will help you host an elegant tree trimming party with style and ease:

Invite ahead of Time

Everyone has their own tree to decorate, so make sure to send out your invitations early. Instead of just inviting with a phone call, foster some creative spirit by making your own invitations. Simple cardboard cut into a Christmas tree shape and adorned with glitter or ribbons adds a dash of holiday splendor that will entice your guests. Ask guests to bring an ornament or two that either represents them or that they made themselves to be hung on your tree as a distinctive keepsake.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Hang an opulent and stately wreath on the door, and place some sparkling embellishments here and there to ready the house for the gathering. Evoke a jovial mood by playing favorite Christmas carols.

Set up the Tree

To instill effortless fun, set up your tree before the guests arrive. Mount it in the center of the room to ensure enough decorating space from all sides. Christmas lights should also be pre-strung around the tree to eliminate tangled wires that could distract from the decorating extravaganza. 

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Ceiling

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For small living spaces, the ceiling presents itself as a vast area to explore and decorate for the holidays, allowing homeowners to elegantly decorate their home to their heart’s content without looking cluttered or cramped. Ceilings can be maximized even for larger spaces. Whimsical decorations hanging from the ceiling and swaying with the breeze create an uplifting and enchanting ambiance and add a unique touch to holiday design. Below are some ideas on how to decorate your ceiling:

Hang Ornaments

Hanging ornaments is perhaps the most well-known way of decorating the ceiling, but this design can be anything but common if you put your heart into it. Tie ribbons to silver snowflake ornaments of different sizes, and hang them at varying lengths along the walls, tracing the entire room for a more stunning effect. Choose a corner to decorate – beside the doorway or above the dining room table – and hang snowflake and icicle ornaments. Clear plastic balls can be transformed into lovely ornaments by placing a picture inside, coating the ball with glittery glue, then hanging them at different lengths. Place beads and glitter inside some of the balls for variety.

Another dazzling idea for festively bedecking your ceiling is to create a swirling frame from which to hang different color Christmas balls. Make a swirling shape out of sturdy wire, and cover it by twirling a garland or tinsel around the frame. Hang balls from ribbons of the same length to create a beautiful swirl of balls. Framed family photos can be hung instead of balls for a more personal touch.

Mount an Upside Down Tree

The upside down tree is one of the most exceptional Christmas trees ever designed. Although the idea of hanging a tree from the ceiling may be over the top to some, this kind of distinctive tree is becoming quite popular to homeowners because of the creativity and fun it brings to the home. An upside down tree looks grand when placed over the dining room table (for high ceilings) or in the living room right where you would place an upright tree. You can even mount faux gifts on the ceiling around the tree if you wish!

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

How to Choose a Color Theme for the Holidays

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The family makes sure that the home is at its best during the holidays by adorning every room with beautiful Christmas trimmings. Classic choices include the traditional red and green, but a color-specific theme makes the décor more interesting and unique at this time of the year.

This design plan allows the rooms to be decorated in an intriguing splash of color and makes Christmas even merrier. Here are some tips for choosing a holiday color theme for your home:

  • Start with a focal piece, such as a full Christmas tree, or a Nativity scene, and then choose a color to accentuate it. Gold is a glamorous and lavish shade that perfectly highlights the beauty of any décor. Adorn the tree with golden balls, flowers, and ribbons. Pillows, tabletop runners, and wreaths with a touch of this hue are great accent pieces that enhance the holiday look.
  • Try decorating with non-traditional tints. Lilac, for example, is an exquisite color and becomes even more elegant when paired with white or silver. Brown is unusual but classy, and gives a sense of earthy ambiance while making a room look stylish and sophisticated.
  • Play with different textures for a vivid and dramatic look. Use rustic rugs and silky throw pillows, and position them strategically on couches and sofas. Dry twigs and branches draped with lights, tabletop Christmas trees, mistletoes, are also interesting decorations that can be strewn all over your house.
  • It’s not necessary to stick to one hue. Feel free to mix and match, but be careful not to overdo it. A touch of pale pink adds a feminine touch on an all-silver theme. Combine orange, brown, and green for a retro Christmas vibe.

Anything on the color palette is a potential holiday hue. Decorate your home with a unique color theme and do away with the old choices to create an interesting and unforgettable Christmas. Happy decorating!