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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

How to Add Color to Christmas Décor

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When decorating homes for Christmas, many turn to the traditional holiday colors of red and green. While these colors have an air of traditional festivity, they can get pretty monotonous and overwhelming, especially if your décor doesn’t change much from year to year. Try something different this Christmas by incorporating a wider selection of colors to complement your holiday decorations. It’s a small change, but it will make your home a grand visual treat for you and your guests.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Decide on a Color Scheme

Before matching colors together, first decide on a main color scheme. However, keep in mind that green and red are standby Christmas colors on most décor pieces, so work your color scheme around that. Once you have decided, use a color wheel as a guide. This will ensure that the colors you end up selecting will beautifully complement each other. For example, to tone down the usage of the color red, you may want to use pink or red-orange in its place. You may even add yellow into the mix to create a beautiful glow.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Fresh Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Front Door

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A well-decorated front door provides a warm welcome for both loved ones and guests. Traditional wreaths are old favorites, but re-inventing your decorations for your home’s entrance creates a unique look that is both interesting and inviting.

Here are a few ideas on how to get a fresh holiday look for your front door.

  • Wreaths made of flowers such as roses or carnations create a comfortable and calming effect to any home. Winterberries, pepperberries, and cranberries have bright red colors that suggest a lively and festive atmosphere. Use a craft wire or twine to gather these natural elements into a garland and mount it by the door.
  • Hang a small chalkboard on the front door, and write a happy holiday message for your guests. Decorate it with magnetic pins and bows. This is a lovely gesture that will make guests feel right at home.
  • Hang a palm-sized wreath of sleigh bells on a string and attach it to your door. The sound of gentle ringing is like a happy welcome greeting for every guest that enters your home.
  • Gather an assortment of small boxes and wrap them in glittery wrapping paper. Next, tie a bow around each one and then glue them together to make a wreath. Finally, take a ribbon of a different color to hang the wreath of gifts from on the top rail of your front door.
  • Give a modern twist to the traditional round wreaths with a picture frame. Get one with a festive and ornate design, and then mount it on the door with a ribbon of a contrasting color.
  • Collect a dozen Christmas gift cards and glue them on a circular wiring. Put it against your door to give beautiful artwork and heartfelt holiday messages to your guest as soon as they ring your doorbell.
  • Artificial wreaths tinted in strong, modern colors such as maroon, burgundy, and turquoise are a refreshing sight amidst all the traditional colors of Christmas. Hang it on your door and impress your visitors with an intriguing display.

It’s important to include the entryway in designing the home’s holiday décor. Achieve a beautifully decorated front door to ensure a warm welcome for both family and guests. Happy decorating!