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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Creative Christmas Card Displays

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Christmas cards are heartfelt thoughts from people who are very dear to us. Preserve this wonderful spirit by incorporating them into your Christmas decor. Here are some fabulous ideas that you can try.

Wall Display

In the living or family room, stick the cards on one wall and arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Another great idea is to frame the cards and hang them on the wall. Alternatively, you can also use a cork board to display the cards.

Christmas Card Garland

Get a metallic-colored ribbon and hot glue a Christmas card for every 12 inches. When dry and stable, you can use it as a creative garland for your Christmas tree, front porch, or any area of your home where you want to emphasize the feeling of Christmas.

Stair Railing Attraction

Spread your cards for display on the outer part of the railings so that they are more noticeable. For a more festive feel, attach one card to each of your Christmas stockings.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a classic way of displaying your cards. Christmas cards are vibrant pieces that you can hang on your Christmas tree either as main ornaments, add-ons, or highlights.

Fireplace Mantel Accessories

Place an assortment of Christmas cards on the sides of the fireplace mantel to highlight the Holiday theme. This is perfect if you want the fireplace to be the focal point of the room.

Hopefully, these ideas will allow you to preserve jolly memories from the past and the years to come. Happy decorating!