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Nurture Children’s Creativity at Home

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When it comes to nurturing your children’s love for the arts, your home provides the best atmosphere for honing creativity. Paintings and sculptures embellish your hallway and living room, and define your children’s first encounter with art. But the experience need not be alien to the younger Picassos. You can turn your home into a familiar space that showcases their talent and love for colors and lines.

A Sense of Self

Allow your children to express how they see themselves by having them create self-portraits. The first step to unlocking their creativity is by letting them discover who they think they are and providing them with the resources that would help convey their self-image to the world. Children who come to terms with their uniqueness early on are more likely to become individuals who have greater self-acceptance and are not easily daunted by pressures from the outside world.

Eclectic Living Room by Athens Photographer Corynne Pless

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