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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

My Balsam Hill Home: Stylish Slipper Chairs

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Introduced in the early 18th century, the slipper chair brings to mind romantic scenes from old films where a beautiful lady wearing an oversized skirt and laced corset sits on an armless high-back chair by the fire. Traditionally, this low-slung chair was used only in boudoirs to assist ladies in dressing.

While people typically no longer wear such extravagant clothing, this vintage piece of furniture can take on new life in neo-classical and transitional homes. Here are some of the ways old slipper chairs can be reused in different rooms.

The Slipper Chair as an Accent

Infuse personality and pattern into a room by using your slipper chair as a beautiful accent piece. If the original color isn’t already stunning, you can re-upholster it in vibrant fabric to add a pop of color.

Contemporary Living Room by Portland Furniture and Accessories thejoinery.com

With the right fabric, your slipper chair can expertly bring together your living room furniture. It can also enhance the look of the entryway while providing comfortable seating as you put on or remove shoes.

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