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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill’s Most Stunning Pre-lit Christmas Tree Photo Showcase

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All year long, Balsam Hill has focused on designing and producing stunningly realistic artificial Christmas trees that are the height of beauty and convenience. As a thank you for choosing our trees to be at the heart of your Christmas celebration, we invite you to share a photo of your decorated pre-lit Balsam Hill tree with us for a chance to win one of three Balsam Hill gift cards.

To join the contest, simply “Like” us on Facebook and submit a photo via our Facebook page. When you enter, make sure you tell us which Balsam Hill pre-lit tree is in the photo. The top three trees with the most likes win!

Contest Details:

Contest Page
Submission Dates: 12/20/2012 – 12/31/2012
Voting Dates: 1/01/2013 – 1/07/2013

Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Gorgeous Christmas Centerpieces

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Christmas centerpieces can spell the difference between a sophisticated holiday design and one that is uninspiring. Capturing the attention of guests as they enter the room, choosing a showpiece that sparks conversation is essential in holiday decorating. With a majestic tree as focal point of your living room or entryway, here are some stunning Christmas centerpiece ideas for your home:

Table Magic

Weave magic on your table as you wine and dine your guests with simple yet alluring table centerpieces. Play around with these inspirations for a warm yet elegant holiday table:

  • Glowing Illumination: Candles make a beautiful centerpiece with their enchanting illumination. Give votive candles a fresh appeal by securing the candle at the center of a glass bowl, filling the bowl with ornaments, and placing it on a pedestal plate. Another alternative is to decorate a grapevine wreath with a mix of poinsettias and pinecones, then place a single candle at the center. For a more modern look, use a wreath of red and gold Christmas balls.
  • Sparkly Wonders: Glass cloches are perfect for displaying ornaments on a table in a neat, elegant manner. Fill a glass cloche with a mix of Christmas ornaments (choose a color theme based on your overall home décor), cover with a ceramic plate, and place at the center of the table. In lieu of a cloche, you can also use slender, tall glasses or vases and fill with an array of ornaments.
  • Rustic Charm: Transform an oval wooden basket with handle into a classic centerpiece by filling it with sprigs of greenery, pinecones, and holiday berries. You can also make a vibrant display of flowers in a low vase more alluring by surrounding the vase with faux or fresh red holiday berries. For a more varied look, glue berries and greenery to the vase in a striped pattern. Add cinnamon sticks to the array to make it scented centerpiece fit for the holidays. For a rustic-themed candle display, turn to the 9 Inch Bronze Bell Candlestick, which features artfully crafted bronze spherical bells in a bronze finish.
  • Playful Treats: Nothing urges cheery thoughts like sweet treats that remind us of childhood joy. Fill several glass jars of varying heights with a variety of holiday treats, from peppermint sticks to striped lollipops, for an enticing display. A layered glass tray also achieves the same purpose.
Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Communitree: A Worldwide Christmas Tree Decorating Event

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In celebration of the Christmas Season, we have teamed up with ScentSicles, the prime maker of scented ornaments, to make holiday history by coordinating the World’s First Digital Tree Decorating Event. Benefiting Toys for Tots, an organization that aims to help kids in need, this online event presents New York’s Rockfeller Center Tree in digitized form, the perfect tree for this first-ever worldwide Christmas tree decorating party. With a three-day $20,000 donation goal, this event aims to create a greater sense of global community and togetherness in conjunction with the wonderful season of giving.

Starting November 8, everyone from around the world is invited to participate in this three-day event from the comfort of their own homes by signing up at http://www.TheCommunitree.com/ in preparation for the event’s launch on November 19. From there, participants have until the 21st to remotely operate a robotic arm to position and hang ornaments on the branches of a rotating Christmas tree as people watch from a live video screen. For every decoration attempt, Balsam Hill and ScentSicles will donate $5 to Toys for Tots. Successfully hung ornaments can be shared on Facebook where each “Like” yields an additional 25-cent donation.

In addition, those who successfully hang a ScentSicles scented ornament will receive a free 6-pack of ScentSicles on top of the $5 Toys for Tots donation they generated by participating. A Balsam Hill tree will also be given to a shelter or charitable organization each day of this three-day event.

Spread the joy this season and join Balsam Hill and ScentSicles as they make a difference in the lives of those in need. Sign up now and get in line to decorate the World’s First Digital Tree.


Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

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Getting a small room spruced up for the season is a huge challenge. Here at Balsam Hill, we believe that a compact area shouldn’t limit your holiday decorations. Even with limited space, small rooms can be maximized to reflect the season’s festivities. Below are our best Christmas trees that jazz up a home while using minimal space.

The Red Spruce Slim from our Vermont Signature™ is an excellent décor for hallways and entryways. Ranging from 6.5 to 9 feet, this slender tree features layered branches and True Needle™ tips for low-hanging ornaments. The foliage has short to medium-sized stems and reddish brown branches, giving it a very natural, life-like appearance

Our Sonoma Slim has a width of 26 to 28 inches and comes from the Napa Christmas™ Signature Collection. Its svelte silhouette conveys class and sophistication, giving an elegant touch to foyers and corners. Display a trio to create a luxurious look and a festive holiday spirit that will surely charm guests.

Flat Backs feature an altered shape that creates the look of a full tree while fully utilizing a limited area. Designed to be placed against the wall, the Fifth Avenue Flat Back sports the look of a full tree without taking up precious floor space.

Don’t let small spaces limit the Christmas cheer in your home. With a little creativity and lots of imagination, the possibilities are endless. Happy decorating!