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Thomas Harman | CEO of Balsam Hill

Why Choose Balsam Hill vs Tree Classics

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Choosing a Christmas tree is one of the most important events of the holiday season, and even more so when it comes to artificial Christmas trees, as they are typically purchased online with only photos, descriptions, and testimonials as a guide. At Balsam Hill, we are exceptionally confident about our unparalleled quality, exquisite realism, and superlative customer service. However, we know that you are faced with many options when it comes to deciding on the perfect tree for you. In that light, we would like to offer you some information about Balsam Hill vs. Tree Classics, one of our top competitors, so that you are equipped with all the information you need to make the best purchase possible.

Company Focus

Founded in 1976, Tree Classics boasts over 30 years of experience in artificial Christmas tree manufacturing. Their design, merchandising, and production of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees and related holiday décor makes them a leader in the industry, and they have a large customer base to prove it.

Balsam Hill, on the other hand, is more of a specialty boutique. We are not just known for top quality and realism, but also for our ability to take our products to a superior level that is simply unmatched by our competitors. We deliver more than just a great tree – we provide customers with the best products and service on the market.

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