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Balsam Hill summer tree
Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Christmas in July: Have You Checked Your Tree Lately?

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It’s Christmas and the southern hemisphere is rejoicing. While our friends south of the equator are busy fluffing their Christmas trees in July, it’s time you asked yourself a crucial question: have you checked your own tree lately? The Balsam Hill blog gives you a handy checklist to make sure your tree is in tip-top shape for December.

Balsam Hill summer tree
By markuso / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hello Tree, We Meet Again!

Before taking out your tree from storage, it’s important to determine a good spot where you can clean it. Choose to work in a controlled environment indoors to prevent any possible damage from the summer heat, wind, or unexpected rain. Also, consider the safety of children and pets. They might become fascinated with the colors of your ornaments and believe they are edible.

Lay down a large sheet of paper or cloth on the floor for catching dust and debris. This simple step allows for an easy clean up afterwards. Begin taking out the tree by gently lifting the parts out of the bag or box. Then place each section in a designated spot.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

The Most Stunning Pre-lit Christmas Trees

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With dazzling lights and exquisite décor, your Balsam Hill Christmas tree becomes the crown jewel of your home each holiday season. To celebrate your love for this yuletide masterpiece, we launched our Most Stunning Pre-lit Christmas Tree Photo Contest on our Facebook page.

This year’s winning entries featured décor ranging from classic Christmas balls and miniature gift boxes to fun and quirky stuffed animals and candy canes.

Cute & Quirky

Tammy Moore, who took home the top prize, embellishes her “A Beary Merry Christmas” tree with the traditional yuletide colors of red and white. But the most adorable feature of her tree is its use of little plush polar bears that provide a touch of youthfulness to her holiday décor.

“We looked in many places for the perfect tree to fill the special window spot in our home,” she says.

That perfect tree came in the form of the 9′ Norway Spruce from Balsam Hill. Tammy’s stunning pre-lit Christmas tree uses True Needle™ branches to recreate the look of a real evergreen. The stems of the Norway Spruce are also exquisitely crafted with steel to support ornaments, such as stuffed animals, when they are nestled in the tree.

A Beary Merry Christmas
A Beary Merry Christmas by Tammy Moore

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Balsam Hill Presents: 2012 Christmas Tree Hotel Fire Code Regulations

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Setting up a real Christmas tree in a hotel is not as simple as you may think. In addition to finding the perfect pine, you would also need to ensure that the tree (and your building) meet state and city fire code regulations. One look at our infographic below, and you’ll see just how difficult this task would be. This season, count your artificial Christmas tree as one of your blessings.

Click on the image for the full infographic


Here’s to the start of a wonderful, hassle-free holiday season!

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Rooms with High Ceilings

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Balsam Hill has a wide collection of towering Christmas trees that are perfect for public, semi-outdoor places, and areas with exceptionally high ceilings. These trees are a sight of grandeur, not only because of their height, but also for their outstanding craftsmanship that pay tribute to the great trees found in nature.

Here are few of the tallest trees from Balsam Hill that would stand magnificently in spaces with elevated ceilings:

Red Spruce Slim

Part of the Vermont Signature™ Collection, the Red Spruce Slim is a slender and narrow tree that stands up to 15 feet. True Needle™ tips jut out of its green body tinted with reddish brown branches, creating ample space for many layered ornaments and decorations. The Red Spruce is replica of the provincial tree of Nova Scotia, and considered a favorite among our customers for its unique silhouette. This artificial Christmas tree is a striking piece of work that fits perfectly in tight areas such as halls and entryways. It’s a simple but unique piece that looks great in any household and commercial space.

Vermont White Spruce

This stellar beauty comes from our Vermont Signature™ Collection and stands at 15 feet tall. With its True Needle™ technology, this artificial tree has always been mistaken for a genuine Spruce Tree by people who admire its extravagant appearance. The 15-foot Vermont White Spruce has a width of 102 inches and available as an unlit tree or pre-lit with clear lights.

California Baby Redwood

Standing at 18 feet, this majestic tree from the Napa Christmas ™ Signature Collection features a tiered branch structure to beautifully showcase beloved ornaments. It reflects the warm colors of the Pacific Coast with its deep forest green foliage and lighter tips. This tree comes pre-lit with clear Christmas lights.

Rockefeller Pine

The 30-foot Rockefeller is currently the tallest among Balsam Hill’s Christmas tree collection. It has a classic deep green body tinted with dark brown stems, just like a freshly cut pine tree. Our Rockefeller Pine lends a grand opulence to any space, making it an amazing centerpiece to any ballroom, plaza, or loft.

Decorate your spacious rooms with one of our majestic trees and witness the spirit of Christmas come alive. Happy decorating!