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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

How to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Real

Every year, more and more families choose artificial Christmas trees over live ones to celebrate the holidays. Artificial trees offer a lot of advantages, such as minimizing fire hazards and eliminating the need to sweep fallen leaves and needles.

Balsam Hill's Scentsicles

Balsam Hill’s Scentsicles

For our customers who love the smell of real trees, we list down several ways of infusing the familiar scent of live evergreens into your Balsam Hill Christmas tree.
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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Balsam Hill’s 12 Bloggers of Christmas

We at Balsam Hill always strive to provide you inspiring decorating ideas for creating a beautiful home. This year, we’re proud to bring you our 4th annual 12 Bloggers of Christmas featuring our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage, and 12 very talented bloggers. They will be showcasing their decorated holiday centerpieces in stunning displays befitting one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year in our Balsam HIll housewalk.

Who’s Joining Us

Balsam Hill's 2016 12 Bloggers of Christmas

Our group of lifestyle and home décor bloggers are opening their doors to unveil how they styled their new Balsam Hill Christmas trees using some of our beautiful themed ornament sets and trim. Read This Entry

Thomas Harman | CEO of Balsam Hill

Our Delightful Castle Peak Pine

It’s our busy time of year, and as we prepare for our peak season, it can be easy to forget why we do what we do. In the midst of all the busy-ness, I had a truly refreshing experience yesterday.

A media publication contacted us and asked if they could run a story about Balsam Hill, to which we happily obliged. They asked to do a photo shoot with me and one of our trees in a home setting, and since we are so busy, I asked a friend to set up and decorate a tree for the photo shoot. I arrived after all the decorating was done, and found a gorgeously decorated Castle Peak Pine awaiting.

Castle Peak Pine from Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill’s Castle Peak Pine features 100% True Needle™ tips for exceptional realism.

My friend and her daughter were beaming, they were so thrilled with how great the tree looked. It was the first time they’d set up a Balsam Hill tree, and they bashfully admitted to me that they had always had fresh Christmas trees, but after setting up the Castle Peak Pine, they were pretty much convinced to buy a Balsam Hill tree. Read This Entry

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

How to Make a Delicious Christmas Tree

Whatever age you may be, some part of you will always be a kid at heart. This is especially true when it comes to Christmas trees. There’s nothing like a beautiful tree adorned with flickering lights and colorful ornaments that helps conjure memories of your childhood. This theme is captured by the colorful (and delicious) creation with one of our pencil trees in the video below.

What better way to celebrate the holidays for the child in you with a tree all decked out with sweets and candies? The following are some tips that you can use to make a Christmas tree for kids of all ages.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Creative Christmas Tree Displays

Traditional Christmas tree displays always work well, but that doesn’t mean we should rely solely on tried-and-tested designs. We should take the time to be creative by adding personalized touches into our decorations. Here are some ideas on how to add a little bit of creativity to your Christmas tree displays.

Sarah's Calistoga Fir Slim Pre Fluffed Artificial Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree features a finely crafted sign made of book paper (Photo courtesy of Little Vintage Nest )>

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