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Scents and Sensibility: Aromatherapy at Home

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by zirconicusso / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Close your eyes. Imagine sitting in the kitchen one morning, sipping freshly brewed coffee, and enjoying its bold aroma.

Add to that a gooey helping of cinnamon roll, fresh from the oven, with vanilla cream on top. Take a bite. And savor the heavenly blend of sugar and spice.

Now, open your eyes – and the mouthwatering aroma lingers.

Such a delightful experience is triggered by our own memory of rich smells: from the fresh to the full-bodied, from the savory to the sweet.

The pleasure derived from aroma – whether you are at your favorite spa or even your favorite coffee house – is built on this encounter. Because they make us feel good, scents are being used to promote well-being. You can enjoy the health benefits of aromatherapy in the luxury of your own home. The same olfactory experience can be achieved by following our novel ideas with these three types of aroma:

Invigorating Scents

  • Vanilla and Coffee

Tip: Boil a vanilla pod in a pot of milk with brown sugar then add to your cup of coffee.

Great mornings start with a wonderful cup of java. While caffeine can perk you up, the aroma of coffee is, in itself, known to calm the nerves. Vanilla fragrance also has the same relaxing effect. Pouring milk infused with natural vanilla extract into your morning brew helps to create an aromatic blend that is invigorating but without leading to nervousness and tremors. Read This Entry