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Mother’s Day Stories: Dagmar of Balsam Hill

In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out to our blogger friends and asked them to share stories about their moms. To kick off the celebration, we’re shining the spotlight on our resident design expert, Dagmar Obert.

Dagmar Full

As a surprise for Dagmar, we asked her daughters to share a few things about their mom. Here’s what they have to say:

Share a favorite memory you have of your mom.

Anna: My mom used to work on putting the draperies together at all hours of the night. I could always hear the intense mechanical slam of the staple gun, and the nightly news drifting through the heat grates. This does not happen anymore, but I look back fondly on that time, and will always remember those moments.

Abigail: My favorite memory of my mom is all the walks that we took in the summer of 2010, before my older sister’s wedding. On these walks, we talked endlessly. I love taking walks to this day, because they remind me of my mom.

Alysa: We had just driven through desolate but stunning New Mexico. We had gone 180 miles without seeing a living person, animal or even car on the road (not kidding). My mom had us stop in this town in the middle of nowhere so we can tour this little historic mansion. The motive was two-fold: so we could learn the history of the family, and observe the interior decor to qualify the trip for a tax write-off for her business. While this is one example it is far from an isolated incident. My sisters and I have literally toured America via history living rooms and parlors.

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Product Spotlight: Balsam Hill’s Pet Beds

Many of our pets have so much energy, so it’s natural for them to be active. At the end of the day, they need to recharge with proper nourishment and a comfortable sleep. Here are tips for creating the perfect corner to keep them healthy and happy.

Set up a lounge spot

Dog on Cozy Microfiber Pet Sofa by Balsam Hill

Give your pet a cozy place to rest with a Balsam Hill Pet Bed.

Pets love soft spots, whether it’s the couch or your bed. Balsam Hill’s Cozy Microfiber Pet Sofa bed helps you create a warm place for your dog or cat to unwind. Read This Entry

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DIY Wall Art Ideas for Spring

Spring inspires us to be colorful and creative with home décor. Let this beautiful season encourage you to liven up your wall with these wall art projects.

Pressed Botanicals

The color green in home décor and in other art forms signals the beginning of spring. Displaying natural foliage is one way to say goodbye to winter and bring new life into your home. Many flowers and leaves have interesting textures that can make for stunning wall accents. Creating botanical prints helps preserve their beauty and keeps them looking great all year long.

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