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12 Bloggers of Christmas: Jamie of So Much Better with Age

Cute and clever are two words that describe Jamie and her blog. Her simple designs show her penchant for French overtones. I was particularly impressed by how she transformed old and worn kitchen canisters into beautiful crocks for Christmas. Jamie also knows her way around the kitchen because her pies definitely look better than mine!

Jamie believes that life is all about change and applies this belief to their home, which will always be a work in progress. For her, an evolving home is the perfect complement to our ever evolving lives.

With her love for French and vintage décor and a natural inclination toward DIY projects, crafts, baking, and organization, Jamie aims to infuse the old with the new at a budget that won’t break the bank. Being a wife and mother, her design projects are always unique but organized, gorgeous yet budget-conscious. She loves sharing her vision and hopes to inspire and help others with their own DIY design projects. Her experiences being raised in a quaint small town taught her to appreciate the romantic and exotic appeal of French and vintage décor and design.

Jamie set up So Much Better with Age as an avenue where like-minded individuals can share ideas and where designers and moms like herself can help each other out with home design and DIY projects. Jamie also knows her way around flea markets and antique shops, and is always on the lookout for her next great find. She is very passionate at what she does and takes pride in being a “doer.” If she wants something done, she figures out a way to do it and just goes for it.

Jamie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Her answers allow us to take a peek into her blog and her decorating preferences with her gorgeous Balsam Hill white Christmas tree this year.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

12 Bloggers of Christmas: Sarah of The Yellow Cape Cod

Sarah is a professional home stylist from Detroit, Michigan. If she’s not busy running her online interior design studio, she either works on some personal home project or writes about her daily design adventures on her blog The Yellow Cape Cod.

Through her custom design plans, Sarah hopes to help people create a home that is one-of-a-kind, practical, and beautiful. Each plan is customized according to the client’s lifestyle, abilities, and budget. Sarah’s sense of style is very articulate, and through her blog, she is able to express her ideas that empower others to create a beautiful home. Sarah’s work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Cottages and Bungalow’s Bedrooms and Baths Magazine, Houzz.com, and HGTV.com among others.

Sarah of The Yellow Cape Cod

The Yellow Cape Cod features a portfolio of Sarah’s personal and professional design projects. Starting with the renovations she did for their home, Sarah launched the blog, which was named after the yellow cape cod home where she, her husband, their three children and dog live. I interviewed Sarah about her work, her home and her not-your-usual half Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. Read This Entry

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12 Bloggers of Christmas: Liz of Liz Marie Blog

Liz has a simple goal for each day, and that is to create beautiful things and make other people smile. She partly fulfills her objective through her blog Liz Marie Blog, which she created to help everyone create their dream home through simple interior design and DIY projects. It is in her passion for designing and creating that she finds peace, relaxation and happiness.

Liz Marie

What I find interesting about Liz is that, even though she makes her wood pieces distinct with architectural details, she makes sure she has linens and throws with which to cuddle or warm herself. I love how she uses her sense of comfort to create a cozy home and her taste for a light color palette, which keeps her home bright and cheerful. She uses greens or foliage decorations effectively, and keeps everything elegant and refined. A self-confessed mason jar and antique addict, Liz also finds joy in giving life to old things.

We had the opportunity to talk to Liz about her blog, her design inspiration, and the quaint charm of her Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce Christmas tree this season. Read This Entry

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12 Bloggers of Christmas: Melaine of My Sweet Savannah

Since Melaine was a little girl, she has always dreamed of creating beautiful spaces. From rearranging her bedroom as a child to going on frequent trips to thrift stores with her mom, she now expresses her passion for DIY projects and interior design via My Sweet Savannah. She began her blog in the hope of providing her readers ideas on creating their dream home. Now a mom herself, she wants her children to be part of her DIY world. Don’t be surprised to see her with her children wherever and whenever there’s a garage sale or bazaar. 

She is the definition of muted rustic elegance, and this is the reason why her work has been featured in several lifestyle magazines and websites. A resourceful designer, she knows how to find an ideal balance when promoting sources such as linen and boxwood. Her eye for great finds is unmatched; I found the deer on aged wood intriguing, with its beautiful background made of fabric.

Melaine appreciates the beauty of understatement, and stays away from the flashy stuff. Her design exhibits her mastery of lighter tones, which she incorporates into her own home. In my interview with Melaine, we spoke about her holiday decorating style and her preference for Balsam Hill’s Easy Plug trees.  Read This Entry